Why I don’t like polls 8

BYU was ranked number 22 going into week 4. They came in the Big House. They did not score 1 point. It was a big goose-egg.

Michigan was able to score 31 though. They seem to have recovered after their week one loss. They have a lot of big games ahead of them. But they seem to be improving. Jim Harbaugh has lead teams as a quarterback and head coach. He was able to turn the 49ers around quickly in year one. Maybe no championship in year one at Michigan. But watch out for this team as a spoiler. I think they are going to be a tough team this season.

BYU looked solid in the first two weeks. Including having to replace their veteran – senior quarterback Taysom Hill with freshman Tanner Mangum. But after two straight losses, their season is at jeopardy. I say that because every game just becomes more and more important. Especially since they are an independent. They will get no help from conference play.

As of now; their respective fates are left in the hands of 13 people. The current system is better than years past. I argue it could be even better though. If I was in charge; the best would win their way into a true National Championship game.


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