Why I don’t like polls 10

Week 5 has yet another example. Somehow Ole Miss became number 3 when they beat Alabama who at the time was number 3. Is or was Ole Miss the third best team in this country? My humble opinion, no. Not even close.

The Gators “stood on Ole Miss’ neck” the whole game. This was not close. The Gators seem to be returning to their history of good play.

But it has taken a few seasons. Probably more responsible is the head coaching change from Will Muschamp to Jim McElwain. The players are put in the work. It is showing up on the field. They are going to have to be reckoned with this year.

In contrast, I think Ole Miss was never that good this year. I don’t think Ole Miss will even end up in the end of season top 25. I do see little evidence that they belong in the top 25. The win against Alabama in week 3 was a fluke. It was not a signal of Ole Miss’ ascendancy.

I suspect that this will be forgotten soon enough. I doubt the polls will reflect accurately where Ole Miss. They may stay inflated. Alabama’s loss to them should drag the Tide down. I doubt it will. I think the only thing that will happen positively will be Florida moving up.

I wish college football would rely on the actual results and not polls.

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