Why I don’t like polls 12

Teams in the top ten should not loss to teams outside the top 10. Not even to teams in the top 25. Maybe the difference between 10 and 11 is not that great so it is understandable if an upset happens there. Not in this instance.

There should be a difference between number 12 and number 6. It might be a good game. I expect the lower ranked number 12 is going to put up a real fight. Much tougher than say unranked Virginia. But in the end, if polls are done well and matter; 6 beats 12.

Not this Saturday. Week 5 is defying the polls yet again.

It is a little late in this post but I have disclose that little gives me more giddy child-like delight than seeing Alabama lose. Close behind that is when Notre Dame loses. I hope that the commentators are wrong and this loss dashes the Irish’s hopes for a shot at the National Championship game.

To the victors; the Clemson Tigers are still in the hunt for a shot at the title. Will they deserve to be there? Be better if it weren’t just the whims of a 13 person selection committee to determine that. I like that members are not in for life. Seems like 3 years is the longest tenure.

Why not just have the standings make the selection?

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