Why I don’t like polls 9

It hurts most when I have to give credit to Alabama. But this time, not too much. The reason is that this particular win for the Tide reinforces my assertion that both the polls and the reputation of SEC are inflated. Either way; this week I have to give credit to Alabama.

Alabama sitting at 13th in the polls came out and dominated the 8th ranked team in the country, Georgia. First quarter was a slow start. But going into the locker room for halftime; it was 24-3. And the final score of 38-10 signifies that the Bulldogs did not put up much of a fight.

I think that Alabama was too highly ranked this year. There are reasons and I understand why. But this team is not like any from the past few years. The high turnover of personal makes them unpredictable in many ways. And I get that Nick Saban is a great coach. But the players’ performance on the field makes or breaks things. Think Iron Bowl 2013 which was a failure of both coaching for insisting on the field goal instead of overtime and performance with not just the kicker but also the other 10 guys on the field falling short. So who can tell where they should be right now?

Same with Georgia. Mark Richt is a good head coach. But the talent has not been consistent on the field. Shall see what the season holds.

We need a plan that relies on only on-field performances. I have that plan.

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