A pass for the polls 2

Week 7 had a slew of matchups within the top 25.

(#17) Iowa 40 points beat (#20) Northwestern 10 points. These are solid teams. They are both going have good seasons. They will also both be overlooked by the committee. Their respective records will not be taken seriously. Sad but true. There are plenty of teams even in the Power 5 conferences that get overlooked and looked down upon. These are two solid teams in the Big 10 which has the reigning National Champion but the reality is they will not get consideration moving forward.

(#7) Michigan State 27 points beat (#12) Michigan 23 points. This had one of the wildest finishes since BYU-Nebraska this year. But I think you have two good squads. The Wolverines are steady improving. And the Spartans are headed to a showdown with the Buckeyes. I am talking immovable object vs. unstoppable force showdown. And either the Spartans or Buckeyes will stay on track for the playoff. 21 November 2015 we will find out who is better.

(#10) Alabama 41 beat (#9) Texas A&M 23. This is not something I dislike. It is a within the top 10 shuffling. But I predict Aggies will not be taken seriously for the rest of the year. Yet conversely this will be considered a “quality win” for the Tide. Unless the Tide loses again; they will be in the hunt for the playoff. Tennessee will try on 24 October 2105. LSU will take a shot on 7 November 2015. After that I am not sure any other team is capable.

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