Why I don’t like polls 14

Week 6 was just getting started with the shake ups. This happened in a historically significant game. A game so big it has its own moniker :

The Red River Showdown.

Every year around the Columbus Day weekend and the shadow of the Texas State Fair, Texas and Oklahoma meet in Dallas for what has turned out to a wonderful contest of football powers. I often talk about how the polls are negatively influenced by history. But I also acknowledge that history is very important as college football moves on. Maintaining links to history is going to be critical to making the game even bigger in the future. I want to reestablish some of the old ones and keep the new ones going too.

Historically, one of these teams has been in the top 10. Heck quite a few times both have been in the top 10. There have been more than a few times that the winner from the Red River has emerged not just a little muddy but also as the favorite for the BCS Championship.

This year; Texas has been continuing to make changes in the very new Charlie Strong. This is his second season and Strong is still implementing his changes to the program.

This win against the tenth ranked team in the nation will probably be looked at as the start of that era’s ascension. Even more impressive is the fact that Texas is unranked.

What is disappointing is not Oklahoma’s play. The Sooners played a Longhorn team that was very focused. The Sooners had no answers. But they put the effort on the field. Just was not enough that day. I mean the score was Texas 24 – Oklahoma 17. That was just a loss not a blowout.

What is truly disappointing is how badly the polls got it wrong. This just should not happen. No place for it. College Football should have a better system.

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