Why I don’t like polls 15

Week 6 continues with to show how unreliable the polls are. The 19th ranked team in the nation in Georgia lost to one of their SEC rivals.

Tennessee put 38 points up and won next to Georgia’s 31. Once again; not a blow out. This was a back and forth battle. The type of football game we can all enjoy.

But in the end if the polls were worth anything; wouldn’t Georgia have won? Shouldn’t they have? If not, what are the polls for?

Look, Tennessee might not be ready for primetime yet. I was talking about this year in particular. But they put a team with a lot of heart on that field. They have a lot of talent to move forward with. next year, the volunteers will be a team to watch. If you line up against them now, watch out for!

I will skip the SEC ramblings this time.

The point is; polls are not reliable. Unless you are looking for something that consistently fails at getting right. They are spot on in that regard.

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