Why I don’t like polls 19

Florida State was the first and last BCS championship game, losing the first and winning the last. In fact they were in the first three games. The Seminoles were also in the first playoff but lost their first game much like the first BCS game. But this year; I doubt they will make it back to the playoff like they did in the BCS era where they won the second one.

Week 8 is where the season starts to get tough. There is a bunch of tape on the team now. Your strengths can be found and countered. Weaknesses can be exposed to the opponents benefit. It can be a pivot point for any team.

Georgia Tech is tough to game plan for. They have so many good athletes on the field for all three aspects of the game. They run the option well on offense. Their quarterback Justin Thomas is just that good. Georgia Tech is taking this week to pivot up from their paltry win total and putting one in the column for the ACC play. Unlike the Seminoles; the Yellow Jackets have almost no path to even the ACC Championship.

The Yellow Jackets mostly just hung close. And it took a bad play during a field goal to give Georgia Tech 22 points over (#9) Florida State 16. Also Everett Golson’s mistakes were too much for the team to overcome. Makes it seem like Notre Dame was better off since they are making do with their second string QB Deshone Kizer who has barely missed a beat after Malik Zaire got injured. So the Noles have a choice of letting Golson finish out his senior season or giving 1 of their 5 other QBs a chance to get some playing time this season.

Where does this leave Florida State’s chances to make the playoff? On the outside I believe. For some reason sports reporters and other commentators are adamant that Clemson needs to be undefeated just to qualify for the playoff. Why? The real reason is that the ACC is undervalued. Same was said about Florida State last year for the same reason. I am talking about a Florida State team that lost one game in two years. This season will likely be summed up as to whether they can spoil Clemson’s chances.

But the underlying and unsaid reason is two-fold. One the playoff is not concerned with if the team is the best or not. The team also has to be from the right conference or Notre Dame. Second is that the system can be manipulated. The BCS still have yet to release the algorithm that allowed Alabama into the BCS Championship Game when it did not win either the SEC let alone the SEC West. The same level of secrecy can exist in the committee.

I wish the committee had done as I advocated and had a transparent selection show in either December 2013 or January 2014 [refer to my previous post : https://drphlgoode.wordpress.com/2014/01/16/real-championship-coming-in-2015/ ]. The nascent Fox Sports One could have used something truly revolutionary. Instead they are trying to make their way with a group of ESPN cast-offs. Still this year is shaping up to have quite a few controversies. Same as last year if you as TCU and Baylor fans. And winning a bowl game is not the same as competing for a real championship.

The playoff is a step closer. We need a more comprehensive system so that it is even closer to fair. And we need someone to run the thing too. Get to a real champion.

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