Why I don’t like polls 20

This is a big shoe dropping. This is tides turning in directions that can’t be accurately predicted. I reference back to the pivot points nature of Week 8.

Utah was in rare air and riding high on it. Not since Alex Smith was drafted first overall by the 49ers has Utah football been so highly regarded. Utah was more of a formidable basketball school. Utah first six games were convincing enough to vault the Utes from unranked in the preseason to the top of the charts.

The Utes made it all the way to #3 by Week 8. But after losing to unranked USC 42 – 24, not sure how long they will stay that high. Doubtful they will even stay in the top ten. All of their supporters will likely run away faster than they flocked to their band wagon.

This might have a further affect on the PAC 12 as well. Stanford is still as well regarded team. The Utes are still in control of their destiny. Meeting and beating a one loss Cardinal and running the rest of the table would make a case. But that is going to be a tough road. They have 5 games to win in the rest of the season just to qualify for the PAC 12 championship. Then they have to beat the South winner, who might not even be the current frontrunner Cardinal.

To make it to the playoff; it should be tough. We will see happens. Hopefully it will be determined on the field.

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