Why I don’t like polls 21

Ole Miss is ranked wrong yet another time this season. Once again they are able to beat a higher ranked opponent. I will admit that it is tough to nail down The Rebels true value. Ole Miss is not being shown the respect that this team has earned on the field.

Same could be said for Texas A&M. They have been all over the board this season. I do not think they really have a solid starting squad this season. The Aggies continue to have a QB dilemma. So I am not sure why they were ranked in the top 20 and not really sure they belong in the top 25 either.

It is not a big surprise to me that (#24) Ole Miss scored 23 points to (#15) Texas A&M’s 3 points. The Rebels have had 6 solid games this season. The Aggies met them on a night that The Rebels play was solid again. The Rebels had good performance from their players in all facets of the game.

Texas A&M is languishing at 5th in the SEC West. They can finish strong. But this current season is about pride from here on in. And they can get ready for next season as well.

Ole Miss standings will make it tougher for them to make a case than when they were ranked #3 in the country. They are currently 3rd in the very very competitive SEC West is not a good position to contend their way into the SEC Championship (this is about a laudatory as I can be about the SEC).

I am not sure even my system would help either of these teams make it further. In fact this post pushes the boundaries of what I am trying to do here. I posted this because I think it is worth pointing out when and where there are problems. When it is worth the effort. Both teams need to continue to play hard. Show the rest of the nation what there is to be proud about in this campaign. It is worth the effort.

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