Polls Shouldn’t Be Such a Joke

This video is pretty funny :

It is funny to watch. It is funny to think about. Worse it is both a sad and pragmatic commentary on college football and the polls.

The Alabama fan Joe Borden trying to explain Iowa football and failing. I will skip the full explanation as to why he fails. Let’s just go with Big 10 football and SEC football are totally different. Moving on to a more pressing question : Why is Alabama ranked ahead of Iowa?

Are the Tide actually better? How would this Alabama fan know? He does not watch the Hawkeyes. He admits he doesn’t know any of the Hawkeye players. Does that mean the players are not worth knowing? Doubt it. But he assumes that the Tide has to be better. Why? Probably just history. It is definitively not based on fact.

I doubt his sons actually respect Joe’s fandom. They have both chosen to be fans of Auburn. What does that say about Borden?

Even still it is laughed at, even by me when I first saw it on gameday. It is laughed about when you haven’t thought about it. Until a short amount of thought is put into what is really being demonstrated. In the end, Mr. Borden is attempting to poke fun when he himself is ignorant of the facts.

I doubt the committee or pollsters have given Iowa a full assessment. Just like Joe. The three fans on the video demonstrate the bias that I think you could find amongst the pollsters and committee members alike. Biases are OK when you are fan but polls should not include them. Joe doesn’t know the names or team and I have a strong doubt that the pollsters do either. They don’t truly know the school, the team or any of its history. So they don’t make the right choice. I have to hope that the committee is doing a better job.

If the committee system is to continue; there needs to be some accountability in it too. Why don’t the members have a certain number of games they have to view weekly? Why not have them hosted at certain places to watch the games on Saturday? Or have some time weekly to watch a breakdown of the games by conference?

If they can’t make that time commitment, find a group that can. All the college students that are playing football have dedicated their time and effort. If someone can’t do the same; why listen to them?

Personally it would better to replace the 13 member committee with one commissioner. I would be happy to take the job. I do not think anyone is holding the committee accountable in any way. It would be the Commissioner’s job. If the Commissioner failed; replacing one person is much easier, simpler and quicker. Plus holding one Commissioner accountable is easier as well.

Or maybe it would serve the nation of fans better to have a system that is based on both a strong schedule and performance in that schedule. I am continually updating my plan to make this happen. Decisive question though : Will it be accepted?

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