Why I don’t like polls 22

It happened again. I wondered if maybe Week 9 it was too late in the season to have unranked teams beating top 25 teams. I was wondering if there is still fight left in all the teams taking the field. If they would let these historically incorrect rankings dictate who will win. It does not. And I have no need to wonder any longer. There is plenty of fight left in many teams.

The only disgraceful performance is the polling information continues to mar the game and name of college football.

The 23rd ranked Pittsburgh Panthers were beaten by an unranked team. North Carolina scored 26 points to the Panthers 19.

Another loss for a top 25 team to an unranked team. I know this is conference play. And I unlike many, respect the ACC as a competitive conference.

This is the first game of the weekend. What more could happen? There are some matchups that might affect the polls this week. Ole Miss vs. Auburn. Temple vs. Notre Dame.

If you took polls pout of it and just have standings; these wouldn’t be characterized as “trap games”. In the NFL, the professionals are given a chance on “Any Given Sunday”. It is rare to see a winless team or an undefeated team. I realize that each has happened. But only once a piece. It is more prevalent to have both happen in the NCAA.

More than that; the first committee rankings will come out this coming week. It can be argued how influential those rankings were last year since Ohio State leapfrogged the Big XII to get to the championship and become the champs. What will the rankings look like? How much will that poll reflect what the championship will look like in the end? Shall see.

Wouldn’t it be preferred if the standings and performance determined the champion?

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