Every Team Get’s Their Opponent’s Best Effort

I have heard this phrase in a variety of ways but the sentiment is always the same; “Notre Dame gets every one’s best effort every week.” This is an insinuation that The Irish and only the Irish get each of their opponent’s best effort.

While this is true to a point. Notre Dame does get their opponent’s best. But the reality is because every team playing gets their opponent’s best. How do I know that? Simple. Notre Dame’s own play.

Does Notre Dame ever prepare for a game with the sentiment; “We can take this one easy and not give it our best!” Now I have never played for Notre Dame nor have I asked the few former Notre Dame players I have ever met. But I feel very confident that I am right about this.

The latest person I heard say it is Mack Brown during halftime of Temple vs. Notre Dame. Does he think that Temple was dogging it when they beat Penn State for the first time since the depression? Does he think that Temple’s opponents just let the Owls get to 7 – 0 this season?

Moreover I am starting to rethink criticizing Texas for firing Mack. The only way he could know these inequities in effort is if that is how he coached his teams. Otherwise he is degrading the efforts of his players at Texas and North Carolina and wherever he coached on his way up. Because I doubt he actually told his players to take it easy. The logical conclusion is that his players just didn’t perform to their best potential. Sad indirect commentary on his teams.

During games all season, there will be far too many injuries covering a multitude of types. Limbs will be mangled. Knees slaughtered. Bones broken. ACLs tear far too often. 300 plus pound linemen will be helped off the field because of a variety of leg injuries. Do you think that is because the team is not giving their best effort?

This euphuism needs to stop. It is only partially true. The reason it should be stopped is because of reality. The reality is : Every team playing that week is getting their opponent’s best effort. To state anything otherwise is just silly. That means every game, every quarter, every drive, every snap is the best effort both teams got.

Let’s see who wins the game!

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