Why I don’t like polls 23

In week 8, Miami suffered its worse loss in school history. They also lost their coach. But in Week 9; they found a way to win. And it was a crazy way to win.

22nd rank Duke lost to Miami 30-27. The Blue Devils had to come back on the Hurricanes. But the last ditch effort by many Hurricanes meant there would be no overtime.

The ACC has put out a statement that the call was incorrect. They have suspended the officials. But the win stands.

I considered giving the polls a pass on this one. But I can not ignore this situation. The ACC is not respected. I am not sure why when subjectively they are a tough conference to win. Still last year the popular sentiment about the reigning and last BCS Champion was the Seminoles had to remain undefeated to make the playoff. Which the Seminoles did losing for the first time in 2 seasons.

The same disrespect if being levied on Clemson this year. Despite what the committee and polls say is a quality win over (at the time) higher ranking (and part-time ACC member) Notre Dame, The Tigers remain disrespected.

The proof is on the field though. When Clemson played Miami; it was the worst loss in The Hurricanes’ history. The next week, the same team beat the 22nd ranked team in the nation. I think that is more impressive to Clemson. It should buoy The Tigers. I feel it will not be seen for the expertise that it is.

We need to have a system that relies on the standings and not people’s feelings.

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