Not sure what the committee is thinking

Week 10 of the 2015 season; #4 Alabama beat #2 LSU. The Tide derailed the Bayou Tigers hopes of a playoff. I doubt we will see the same silliness that allowed Alabama into the 2012 BCS Championship Game to beat LSU. Worse it has derailed the chances of Leonard Fournette winning the Heisman. I think Derrick Henry ran into first place for the Heisman after his solid performance verifies a solid season. Along with Fournette taking a step back so did Trevone Boykin’s candidacy for the trophy which took it on the chin with a loss to Oklahoma State.

Still a tussle between top 5 teams is going to be rough for both teams. But the Tigers looked outmatched. I personally think this is because the SEC West is overvalued. Way too many of their teams are ranked this season. I suspect Texas A&M will be falling out this week since their record is worse than unranked Arkansas’. Ole Miss should fall out as well since they lost to the unranked Razorbacks but the Rebels may hang on.

The other game that was confusing to me was Florida just squeak past Vanderbilt 9-7. Another SEC mess only this time in the East instead of the West. But the Commodores are 3-6 and not even considered for any ranking in the top 100.

The Gators are the East champ. They will likely face the Tide in the SEC championship. The Gators only loss was the LSU. So with LSU losing; does this have a negative affect on Florida? More than the stain of barely beating a dismal Vanderbilt.

I guess we will have to see what happens with the committee’s next ranking.

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