Why I don’t like polls 24

This is the first week that the playoff committee has released their own rankings. It is 10 weeks into the college football season. Majority of teams have played 8 games. They likely only have 4 more games left in the regular season. So it is time for the committee to start speaking up.

In my opinion; they have stepped on their own feet. And this is the start of the proof that this current system is not going to get the truly best team for the playoffs. It is a failure. And the first game of the week is the first test of that.

The MAC has a Tuesday night game. This sets them apart. But it is not the most viewed game of the week. Still they are trying to do something different.

Toledo is ranked #24 in the first committee poll. Based on a few things. They are undefeated in their first 7 games. Including such undefeated that are from non-Power 5 conferences makes the committee seem as if it is doing justice. But they got it wrong here. And I think they will continue to get it wrong.

Unranked Northern Illinois scored 32 to Toledo’s 27. This is not a blow out. But it is a solid win by an unranked team.

I think that the committee is trying to walk a fine line instead of just getting the best teams. You can see that they made some tough choices. The committee did not simply put all the undefeated teams up top. Alabama is ranked #4 over the following undefeated teams: Baylor, TCU, Iowa, Memphis, Oklahoma State, Houston and the now one loss Toledo. Alabama is also ranked higher than the team that beat them; Ole Miss which comes in at #18 with a think is stunning high. Despite being knocked down from the comical #3 spot, Ole Miss beat a terrible and over-estimated Texas A&M. Which somehow has helped to move them up? And think that the committee feels obligated to rise up The Rebels to help the claim made by The Tide to being in the playoff.

The committee is showing its “Brand Name Bias”. I stole this term from Pat Forde who wrote a great piece on this subject :


And had some great video here :


And here:

http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=14048921 .

I happen to agree with what Pat Forde is saying. He is making a good point about the non Power 5 conferences. The committee is not giving them credit. The committee got it wrong about Toledo.

Alabama’s #4 and Notre Dame’s #5 is driving them into the discussion. It is also driving the PAC 12 and Big 12 out of the discussion. I am not sure what this is going to give us as a viewing public. I think we the viewing public will not agree with what we are going to get from this system.

So why not have a system based on standings? Why not me for commissioner?

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