Why I don’t like polls 25

The hits just keep on coming as the playoff committee’s first week of rankings is astonishingly inaccurate. Week 10 started with a demonstration of the committee’s ineffectiveness. But the 7th of November is an example of what not to do, that is relying on opinions over ranking.

This first example could be called into question. But it meets my own criteria of a team inside the top 10 should not lose to someone outside the top 10. So by that metric; #14 Oklahoma State beating #8 TCU by a score of 49 – 29 needs to be highlighted.

The Cowboys used their home field advantage to propel them to this win. But their defense was impressive against Trevone Boykin. The Heisman candidate Boykin still put up impressive stats like 445 passing yards. But the Pokes defense was able to keep The Horned Frogs from scoring again and again.

Defense in the Big 12 has been called into question. But I think it was critical here. Had the Horned Frogs had a better answer to the Pokes dual QB threat of Rudolph and Walsh; this game could have been managed. But there was too much fight coming out of Stilwell.

Oklahoma State stays undefeated. Increasing the meaning of their final three matchups. Iowa State could be overlooked but The Cyclones played spoiler on the Cowboys chances in 2011 when, like this year, the Cyclones hosted the Cowboys. There was a lot going on then. The Cowboys women’s basketball team had lost head coach Kurt Budke and assistant coach/recruiting coordinator Miranda Serna in an awful plane crash the day prior. That low matched the high of outscoring Texas Tech 66-6 the week prior. Rain also helped the Cyclones to a win. The Cowboys were number 2 in the rankings which back in the BCS days meant you played in the championship. But the Cyclones won and the Cowboys went to number 3. Even after winning out vs. Oklahoma that year; Oklahoma State stayed ranked at 3. They faced and beat an Andrew Luck led Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl. Leaving the Pokes wondering if they could have beaten either of the 2 undefeated teams that season; Auburn the eventual champions or Oregon.

I think a lot will be made of the match up with Baylor. Especially if both are still undefeated that week. It will likely be the spot for ESPN Gameday. And may very well determine the Big 12 champ.

Last is Bedlam, the nickname for the game vs. Oklahoma. Even with one loss vs. Texas; The Sooners are still in the hunt for the Big 12. This too may determine the winner of the Big 12 since there is no championship game in the conference. These last few weeks will determine the Champ. And I have no idea how this will all turn out.
Isn’t that the fun of it?

I have heard the sentiment from sports commentators like Matt Leinart of Fox Sports talk about the need for Clemson out of the ACC and the Big 12 champion to be undefeated to be considered for the championship. Which is ludicrous assumption and debases the entire concept of the playoff. The top 4 teams need to be in the playoff. Period.

It would be harder to assail the validity of a system based on standings.

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