Why I don’t like polls 27

Pat Forde made a bold prediction early in the season. He said that Northwestern belonged in the championship back after week 4 :

https://in.news.yahoo.com/forde-s-fab-four–where-merit-means-more-than-school-name-010524690-ncaaf.html?.tsrc=lgwn .

This was before losses to a much improved Michigan and stout Iowa teams. And although the #22 Wildcats barely beat my Nittany Lions this week; I don’t think they are playoff ready just yet.

Of his top four back then; Utah is most likely also out of the running for a championship this season. But Florida and Baylor are still in the hunt. Could play their way into the championship. If the committee takes either team seriously. They respective

With the releasing of the first playoff committee rankings; Forde thought Memphis was being treated unfairly. He said so here :


Navy decided that Memphis had not been challenged enough this season. The Midshipmen’s triple option was too much of a challenge for the # 18 ranked team according the committee. That is why Navy put 45 points on the Tigers 20.

The Midshipmen’s solid play beat the Tigers throughout the game. This is not to say the Tigers are that bad. It is that Navy is a good team. The Midshipmen lost a tough game against Notre Dame this season. So their only loss is against a team that might end up in the playoff this season. Not too shabby.

Also, Memphis has had a good season. I can’t imagine they would get a tie breaker against Navy unless the Midshipmen tank the rest of the season. And the Tigers have a game this weekend against the unbeaten Houston team that is looking tough. So the Tigers path to the playoff is almost non-existent now.

This is a good building block for Memphis. The Tigers need to use what they learned this season. Come out strong next season. They might be able to get into a solid bowl game this year as well. Fans need to support this team.

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