Why I don’t like polls 28

The SEC has some unruliness in its ranks. Nothing is a better example than the finish with Arkansas and Ole Miss. The 18th ranked team has come out of the wrong end of a wild finish.

A lateral and amazing run-back got a win for the Razorbacks. Arkansas squeaked by 53 to 52 over the Rebels. Wild end indeed.

The Rebels have been all over the poll this season. Mostly due to an early win over Alabama. But since; the Rebels have done very little to merit their inclusion on the first committee poll. I assume their inclusion has other motives.

My assumption is that including Ole Miss raised Alabama’s ranking. If the team they lost to is doing well; than it was not as bad a loss is the logic. The problem being; Ole Miss is not a good team. This is their third loss. The committee is taking Florida seriously and the Gators forced one of those losses. But the committee is likely going to turn on the other team they lost to, Memphis.

Standings based system would alleviate these horrendous rankings.

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