Why I don’t like polls 29

Texas A&M has had a tough season. I don’t think the committee has taken notice of their defeats at the hands of Alabama and Ole Miss. They can add another loss to the team in the cellar of the SEC West. How the Aggies were ranked #19 going into Week 10; I am unsure unless the committee has other motives.

The Auburn Tigers scored 26 against the Aggies paltry 10. This is just another loss for the Aggies. This team is not top 25 material. Plain and simple.

Is it a coincidence that 5 of the 7 SEC West members were ranked in the first committee poll? Is this merit based? Especially when Arkansas was not and they have a higher standing then A&M. This is the type of bias that makes the committee capable to be accused of brand name bias.

Does anyone know how the committee tanks the teams? Is it any better or worse then AP or Coaches polls that have been exposed by books like Death To The BCS? This system is still in its infancy. Something can be done to help make it better. Something should be done to make the changes to system to ensure a true champion can be crowned by the NCAA.

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