What is the News Media thinking these days?

When I opened the browser on my cell today; you know what came up?

Daniel Craig has a cameo in the Force Awakens.

Not only does this give a spoiler that I would much rather have seen when I, like a ton of readers go in the next few weeks. The clickbait title tells me nothing. And I am not going to click on it. Because I am avoiding spoilers. So what is the point?

To trick me. Plain and simple.

But this illuminates a bigger point about the news these days.

The Ukraine has been at war for a solid two years. They have to be losing about an entire generation of soldiers. That was not the first story that AT&T / Yahoo feel rates.

Yemen is barely mentioned in the pantheon of struggles in the Middle East. Was it first? Or Syria? Or Iraq where we have soldiers deployed and are supporting operations; that is not as important to AT&T / Yahoo. Nope.

Not to mention the myriad of conflict, famine and medical epidemics on the continent of Africa. Africa’s land mass is bigger than the US, China and all of Europe combined.

But AT&T / Yahoo thinks I need to know about Daniel Craig’s cameo.

News Media, Please Wake UP!

P.S. There is a Democratic Debate tonight, maybe even if all that foreign news is not attractive; we might be interested in some domestic issues.

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2 Responses to What is the News Media thinking these days?

  1. mukul chand says:

    Great Post. Misplaced priorities.

  2. ramund says:

    It’s just a collection of average citizens who’ve decided to write what they think they know. They’re not asleep, they’re people. Always have been. I hate journalism. You can only stop reading.

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