Play In Game for the NCAA Basketball Tournament aka March Madness

I am not a fan of the four play in basketball games. I like order and these games seem very disorderly. But it is not because of that. It is mostly because I can’t understand how this increases the quality of the tournament.
Most teams have played 30 games already this year. Isn’t that enough of a sample size for the selection committee?
I saw a clickbait title that said this is the losingest group of teams in the tournament. I am not sure if this is because of the automatic bids or what. But I want to dig into that.
I also want to see a break down of the number of teams eligible teams vs. who has been a part of the tournament. Mostly because there are few calls to expand the number of Division I football teams, concentrating on FBS portion of Division I. And Division I Basketball is much bigger. Does that make it better? Is it watering it down? I am not sure which way basketball is going.
I am just trying to get some of my thoughts out there. Start thinking about this. Time to get going on my research to answer some of these questions.
I am not sure who is playing tonight or tomorrow. Not sure why they were picked. I am pretty sure the NIT won’t be bigger as a result of some snubs like St. Bonaventure and Saint Mary’s and San Diego State.

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