ShoutDown Observation of the TV Show Scorpion

On the 27 February 2017 episode of the TV Show Scorpion season 3 episode 18 titled Don’t Burst My Bubble; a girl named Ada Pearce in Lancaster, California has to be kept in a sterile environment due to a form of immune anemia. Her normal home configuration is threatened and the team needs to find a way to help her. The solution that the Scorpion Team devises is to put her into a restaurant’s meat locker. Which is basically a big refrigerator.
I am not sure if the writers did that intentionally. But if so; they may have found a way to turn the trope called Women In Refrigerators [ ] on its ear. The term referring specifically to Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern finding his girlfriend Alexandra DeWitt stuck in a refrigerator by a villain. The larger observation being that many superheroines, superhero girlfriends and women in comics in general are at least damsels in distress and at worst simply victims in waiting.
After watching the episode of Scorpion; I realized that this is very similar to Women In Refrigerators. But the twist being this young lady is saved by the refrigerator. Are comic book fans being trolled? I am not saying this hatefully. I am simply asking the question.
It has been a long time since I was an active comic book reader. I was during the 80s and 90s. Hopefully the tide has turned for female characters of all ilk since then. Or at least limiting the carnage to the deserving villains. Leaving lots of intriguing stories for the women in the story.
Hopefully mentioning doesn’t make me a Lot Less Super & Not So Fun Male Dude. Just a quick observation.

Enjoy !!

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