Super Bowl Replacement Announcers

I am a pretty big football fan. I am not a fan of the NBC announcing crew. Not really any combination they have is satisfactory to listen to during a game. Chris Collinsworth is the base as color commentator with normally Al Michaels and on some Thursdays Mike Tirico. I am not a fan of any of these combinations. If they put someone else with Al Michaels; I think I could enjoy the game. As is, I often opt for mute as I watch intently switching to sound only for penalties.

Unfortunately though; NBC has the rights to broadcast the Super Bowl this year. As it rotates between Fox, CBS and NBC. A regrettable occurrence every three years. Super Bowl 52 (or LII if you prefer) is the latest to be marred by the NBC announcing crew.

As an aside, I wish ABC/ESPN would get a chance in the Super Bowl rotation. The reason is what they are doing with ESPN multiple channels for the College Semifinal and National Championship Megacast. If you are unaware Megacast are alternate broadcast crews commentating on the National Championship game.

Also these broadcasts are more entertaining. My personal preference vacillates between the coach’s roundtable (depending on the coaches involved) and the Homer Telecast (where two alumni going back and forth on their respective sidelines). The coaches usually give credible insight into the pace and calls in the game. The Homer Telecast last year was 2 guys in the 20s enjoying their alma mater’s. Barrett Jones and Tajh Boyd “repped” their schools in 2017 in a very fun way especially considering the end of the game.

CBS joined in with Team Stream during the Final Four and National Championship using TNT and TruTV to expand one crew per school. They are missing an opportunity by not also utilizing TBS. I would put a play-by-play announcer with the two coaches from the NIT championship on TBS. But they only did them from 2014, 2015 and 2016 and not in 2017 with no word on this coming year. But they could go to a more neutral broadcast like the Megacast.

NBC has a dedicated sports network (NBCSN) they could do an alternate broadcast on. I have not heard if that will come to fruition. Would be great to have a solid play-by-play announcer along with maybe a coach. Could even add in a few players, at least one offense and one defense. There are many ways to do this broadcast. However they come up with it; an extra broadcast should be a consideration.

Other Universal properties could be leveraged like USA, G4, SyFy, Bravo, Chiller, CNBC, even the Olympic Network if need be. They do it for other things like the end of the Premier League season. Why not the biggest All-American sports event that is being beamed worldwide. I could set it up in the two weeks before the game. It would be simple and I know almost nothing about TV production. They will likely have all day coverage with the Today show and other hosts. Why not do this. It works. The space and necessary equipment is already there. Just bring in a Project Manager like me and I will figure out the specifics and line up talent.

In lieu of that; are there any suggestions for an alternate radio crew?

I don’t listen to radio during games. But if there is someone out there who does; I would be glad to hear about it. I hope to get information from all over. So any information on who play-by-play announcer, color commentator and if possible radio network they work on.

I need a better option. Any help that I can get would be good. I also need to start trying out which ones are both available in my area and workout best.


It would be easier to find in my local network with the following information –
play-by-play announcer:
color commentator:
and if possible radio network:

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