The ShoutDown : Craziest and Out There and Completely Nuttiest Game of Thrones (GoT) Hypotheses for Season 8

Disclaimer: This post will discuss both the TV show Game of Thrones and the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Be warned, I will be discussing topics that reveal what has happened on the show for the past 7 seasons and written series for the past 5 books. I will discuss characters that are in the books and not the show and vice versa. This discussion will include all storylines. It is riddled with information from both sources.
The following hypotheses are some of the crazy thoughts I have had about Game of Thrones. None of these thoughts are properly researched like would be needed for school or a news article. I have used some embedded notes as de-facto citations where and when appropriate. I have tried to be true to what is my thought and what is someone else’s. If I have been at fault; I do apologize. If someone writes or comments, I will make sure to update this post.
These thoughts are not supported by any spoilers, pictures, leaks or other data. I did not see or search to see if anyone else has purposed them elsewhere and if I am repeating any I apologize. I just thought about some things in regards to Game of Thrones the television show and came up with these hypotheses. Just the basic premises that I jotted down off the top of my head. All of them are linked to the 8th and final season of the television series.
I have never read anything in the books. Not one word. I am not a book hater by any means. I started with the show. I thought about reading the books but by the time I had time; the show was already changing things. I wanted the show to be somewhat “pure” if not canon. Because I always guessed the show will be completed before the books. Not really a stretch since the series started as a trilogy in the 1990s and is now onits fifth book of seven without any idea when even the sixth book will come out.
I will read the books after the show’s 8th season is complete. Any book information I have included is from wikis or articles about A Song of Ice and Fire. I also listen to a bunch of YouTubers who comment on both show and book series. To name a few: Secrets of the Citadel, GrayArea, Azor Ahype, GOT Academy, The Order of the Green Hand, In Deep Geek, Alt Shift X, Emergency Awesome and Preston Jacobs. There are more but those are the ones I enjoy the most.
That said, if you don’t want book information/”spoilers” please stop reading. (It is not a spoiler because the books have been out for years and some for decades. That is not a spoiler. Hence the quotation marks.) Also I will be talking about events through season 7 of the show. Basically anything that can be considered official by the book or show series information that is already out is fair game. You are warned.
On to my own personal form of mental greyscale. They are listed as they came into my skull not in importance. I think the most wildfire hypothesis is the last one. Bring on the hypotheses!

1. Five year jump in show from season 7 to 8. The characters were already aged up for the show, somewhat none uniformly. For a variety of reasons but I think that was a good move. I read somewhere that George R.R. Martin wanted to make a 5 year gap from book 3 (A Storm of Swords) and book 4 (A Feast for Crows) It is possible to do the same in the show again.
a. Possibly could resolve some storylines quickly in the beginning of the season. Like marriages, kids or other things that have changed. Different way to show the horrors of the war in a beginning prologue or through “flashbacks”. Possibly the entire Long Night, just kidding. But it would be a shock to start out the season that way for sure. And the show is ready to shock you at all turns and corners.

2. The Dornish Plot was terrible (my opinion) and the TV show just exposed that as the truth to book readers. And Dorne has nothing to do with the endgame of the show. Not sure if that is the same in the books though. Most of what I know about the books treatment comes from Preston Jacobs YouTube series “The Dornish Master Plan” here: . I acknowledge there may be something I am missing so this may be controversial to say.
a. In my opinion, there are two good Martell characters; Oberyn and Arianne. And the show runners omitted Arianne, which was a mistake even though I am not sure where she would have fit into the show now. They could have found her a place, I guess. Maybe she is in Essos with her mother and comes home as the new Princess of Dorne?
b. The Sand Snakes are better in the books (so I have been told) but are they necessary to the TV story? The rest of House Martell is used inproperly as is the whole kingdom of Dorne (more on that later). The Dornish Army is both fresh and completely untested. As such everyone should be suspect on its effectiveness. The show just made that very clear since their Prince, Heir and finest Captain were all felled with ease.
c. Doran’s “Master” plan is the same as marrying/sacrificing Elia and her children to Rhaegar Targaryen.
I. Marrying Arianne Martell to Viserys Targaryen (the unworthy beggar king), who would have been a terrible king (much like his father). Arianne is portrayed as a tough woman who seems like she could take care of herself. But to get her in line, Viserys wouldn’t sully his own hands. He would have a group of men abuse her. Since it would happen far from Dorne, it would not be easy to stop. So not that solid a plan. Especially after she bore him an heir.
II. Marrying Quentyn (or Trystane) Martell to Daenerys Targaryen. How? I think this plan comes in well after the first book was complete. As such is not part of the original canon story. Khal Drogo is her husband. Even if Viserys is gone when the Dothraki come to Westeros; why would Drogo let her marry again? He may leave her in Westeros to go back to Essos. But he would see her again. He would come back to impregnate her at the very least. After he is dead, no one is sure she is alive. Then she is married to Hizdahr zo Loraq. So how is this a solid plan?
III. None of these plans would have worked if Robert would have had a legitimate heir and strong backers like Stannis Baratheon who is a tested battle commander. Probably could rely on the honorable Randyll Tarly as well. Either of whom would be up to the task against the untested Dornish army.
d. Plus none of the plans strike at their Doran’s real enemy, The Lannisters. Twyin ordered the sack of King’s Landing. He ordered the Mountain to kill Elia and her children. So The Lannisters and Cleganes are his true enemy. How was Doran going to defeat them?
e. Last, Dorne was not in the original outline. . Counterpoint is neither were the Greyjoys and the Iron Islands and Theon was in the first book. Still I am not sure if Dorne is in the first book based on it not really being mentioned in the first season of the show. Outside of Elia Martell and Ashara Dayne, I think those are the only mentions of Dorne at first. It is afterthought (my opinion) addition to the richness of the A Song of Ice and Fire world. Same as most of Essos. But George R.R. Martin’s original outline letter addressed the main characters and storylines and Dorne was not a part of it.

3. The real martyr/ missing piece of the Dornish plot is House Dayne. (This is the later Dorne mess referred to earlier in 2a)
a. We showwatchers got Arthur Dayne for an epic sword fight scene. His dual wielding was fantastic even if the sword Dawn was a let down. But that was it. Seriously !?! Arthur sounds like one of the truly epic characters of the story. He got very minimal screen time. I would be surprised if it was more than five minutes. I assume that he is more nuisanced and discussed in the books.
b. I was hoping Ashara would play a bigger part in the show and story at large. To no avail as the showrunners skipped that potential intrigue altogether. This is a love story that is very interesting telling the unrequited love by Barristan Selmy and Ned Stark who both cared for her. Not to mention, who did Ashara care for? I don’t think we know. We won’t get more because none of the GoT spin-offs will address The Tourney at Harrenhal (aka The Seduction of Lyanna Stark a-la the current young adult formula of two guys lusting after one woman. That would be present for both Ned, Barristan, and Ashara as well as Robert, Rhaegar and Lyanna).
c. Also Edric Dayne should be with Beric Dondarrion. But when Beric ran across Arya Stark, no Ned (his nickname) Dayne was introduced.
d. As a result, we showwatchers have seen very little of House Dayne and that stinks.

4. Lord WildHeart – Beric Dondarrion gives his “last kiss” to Tormund Giantsbane. A Wildling not a stone hearted half-a-wight. Because Tormund maybe that important to the endgame. Plus when The Wall fell, we didn’t see them die. But Tormund might need Beric’s “gift”.
a. More likely though; Beric gives his “last kiss” to Daenerys Targaryen after she dies as a result of Lightbringer being driven through her heart Nissa Nissa style. After it is forged and wielded by Gendry, The Last Baratheon warrior.

5. Book character “Fake” Aegon comes to Westeros with the Golden Company and is the Valonqar (which translates to little sibling since High Valyrian pronouns don’t delineate sex. I hear little brother all the time and speculation about which little brother but the word is in fact sibling/sex neutral. Like Darilaros which means heir not prince. Meaning that the translation from High Valyrian to English of Kivio Darilaros is The Heir that was Promised.) I say this because prophecies are rarely right on the nose. So many have misinterpreted prophecies (Melisandre much?). “Fake” Aegon will be the only Aegon, Jon won’t change his name. “Fake” Aegon will be the Captain/Commander of the Golden Company. He will converse directly with Cersei. All the while plotting against Cersei.
a. Daario Naharis will also come to Westeros with the Golden Company.
b. Maybe others too?

6. Bronn secretly freed Tyene and Ellaria Sand. They go south and reestablish power in Dorne. Bronn eventually comes south with money to be with his bad “female cat”. This is wildfire out there theory. Based mostly on my enjoyment of Bronn as a character in particular Jerome Flynn’s portrayal of Bronn.

7. Sam and Bran will not want to tell Jon about his parents.
a. Gilly will tell Daenerys by mistake. Probably when Daenerys says Rhaegar name. They will have an odd conversation.
b. Daenerys will confront Jon. Maybe when Jon is with Sam who will be very embarrassed despite Daenerys roasting Sam’s father and brother. Jon will say it doesn’t matter, they all need to focus on the battle at hand. Though secretly he will tell Sam it does matter to him.

8. Jon Snow knew the whole time that he did not need to persuade Cersei but rather Daenerys. He tells Daenerys this at some point. Possibly pillow talk. It makes them closer.

9. The correction to the “Wight Mission” / “Straight Outta Eastwatch” crew from Season 7 Episode 6 is a good one in this video: But I do not believe Daenerys would have spared Jaime Lannister. She would have killed the man that killed her father, like she was going to let Drogon do in Season 7, Episode 4. Instead, have Randyll Tarly go to convince Cersei Lannister to surrender. Also he would go with them as a skeptic who believes the Starks are liars telling fairy tales about the White Walkers.

10. Littlefinger is going to come back to life. Just as a wight when they leave his body to rot instead of burning it. That would be total fan service.

11. Cersei Lannister will not die at the hands of the Valonqar. Prophecies are often incorrect. She will live out a short life at Casterly Rock.

12. Instead of Bran Stark just saying things that Jaime Lannister said when Bran isn’t there at 1:21.20 of; Bran says things Cersei Lannister said about Jaime (maybe to Qyburn) when Jaime was away. Reinforcing Jaime’s action to leave and fight. Jaime’s bravery will be properly documented in the “new” white book.

13. Ghost and Nymeria will both be in Season 8. They will both be a part of the War for the Dawn. Not sure they will both live though. I would bet Nymeria lives if either. Her pack will survive!

14. The Night King has a mission. Going to Winterfell is not part of it. Neither is Castle Black although some Night’s Watchmen will fight, lose and turn wight. The Others mission is bigger than simply killing people. It is about honoring an old pact. At some point, a new pact will have to be forged.

15. Oldtown will be burned or destroyed. Historical Link to burning of the library in Alexandria, Egypt. Leaving little knowledge of the past. Making Samwell Tarly poetic sounding “Song of Ice and Fire” the basis for the new history.

16. In an avant garde turn; one episode of season 8 is completely in Valyrian.
a. Maybe subtitles, maybe not?
b. Have you been studying your Valyrian?

17. If I ran HBO, the season 8 premiere would be January 1, 2019. Starting at midnight Eastern Standard Time. I doubt they will be ready with the season by then.
a. HBO should start the episodes when it is wintertime. That way the Westeros winter corresponds to our winter. I know that screws over the Southern Hemisphere fans. Still it is what I would do. But I am media monster so be glad I am not in charge.
b. And I can’t imagine they will wait until 2020, that is just too long. But the way things are going plus no information has come out. I fear it might come to pass for 2020. That would be crushing though. I think the most realistic time frame is May-June 2019 for the 6 remaining episodes.

Those are the thoughts I have about the final season of Game of Thrones. Will any of it come true? No idea. But speculation is fun from time to time. Based on an unreliable and non-scientific study of events to this point. I despise spoilers, set leaks or pictures and otherwise trying to learn about the season prior to its release.
I do like to think about what is to come. Maybe propose some outlandish thoughts too.
Let me know what your favorite thoughts are too. Please refrain from spoilers, set leaks or pictures. Because…..
“Not everything written will be filmed. Not everything filmed will be in the show.” Who said it? Me.

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