The ShoutDown Review : A Simple Favor

I am glad I went to see this film. I expected less of this movie. I thought it would entertaining. I was not expecting the twists that were in story. Though a bit cliched, they did make for a fun story. Kept me on my toes though that might just be a lack of my imagination.

I know this move is based on a book. I did not read the book. Jessica Sharzer got to adapt Darcey Bell’s story for the screen. I can’t be sure how faithful it is to the text. Though I can say it was a fun story to watch play out on screen.

Anna Kendrick was very strong. She is the main character and focus of the film. Pushing you along as the narrative plays out. She has a fine performance.

Blake Lively’s role seems like it was more fun to portray. She got to say what I always wished I would. Zero concern given for who is around her or what the consequences might be. By far my favorite character.

Last is Henry Golding. He is the pawn in this story. Manipulated both forcefully and unknowingly alike. I made him both suspect and sympathetic. But things are happening to him in this story. Strong performance but not much meat on the character’s bones.

The others in the film support these three on their journey. But they are window dressing. The real meat of the story revolves around them. It is a wonderful spider web to dance on.

Paul Feig tells a good story. He is better known for his comedies. [Bridemaids, The Heat, Spy] This is a thriller with teeth. The mood is appropriately cultivated to keep things tense. Music is a fantastic compliment to the story. There are plenty of funny moments that his direction brings out well. His work in the future will likely balance drama and comedy in another fine feature.

I expected less and I should not have. I stand corrected. This film is a good time. With so much coming out right now, if you missed it, you missed out. Make sure to catch it on digital service or redbox.

Rating 3 out of 5.

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