The ShoutDown Review : A Star Is Born

I have been a casual fan of both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. This movie has pushed me into fan realm of both. Great performances by both are the key and magic that makes this movie shine.

I believe the story resonates with anyone who is a fan of music. No matter what genre you are fan of, this movie is about the music. It is about the passion that goes into making it. I encourage any music fan to check this fan out.

The movie serves as a commentary on the creative process. It pushes all the boundaries needed to make the good into great. Also has some biting criticism of the modern music business. Questioning the soul of the business which should reside in the artist but sadly is still controlled by executives who have no talent or passion beyond making money.

Strong supporting performances make the movie rich. Sam Elliott is solid as always. Dave Chappelle’s short appearance is a fun addition. Andrew Dice Clay plays it just right, I expected over the top but he played the role great. Not surprisingly though since it is true to his real life[consult the evidence here:

It was missing an additional female supporting cast member. There are women in the movie, sure. But none that are integral to the story.

The music is superb. The performances have such soul and heart backing the voices. They sound rich just like you are at the concert.

The really cool part is, Bradley Cooper is doing the singing and he is good. It is not a con job. It is not dubbed. He is singing. He wrote not just the movie but the music as well. It is soulful to the core.
Lady Gaga obviously nails the music. I think even people who don’t like her music can acknowledge her chops. She also has to act and she nails the performance. She transforms from bud to a vibrant flower in the course of the movie. I was impressed by that aspect.

These two artists having to live in the normal habits of the other. It was something to see. I thought they both nailed it.

Worth the money to see in a theater. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Though the end will rip your heart out a bit, it is worth the ride.


Rating 5 out of 5.

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