Coaches Film Room ESPN CFB Playoff Semifinal

I have expressed my preference for the ESPN Megacast during the College Football Playoff. I give all props to CBS who invented the concept during the NCAA Basketball Final Four coverage. I find it hard to believe that fans, true fans, didn’t understand the concept of a “homer” broadcast. Homer being a former player, coach or current fan.

Personally, I like how ESPN has two homers in one broadcast during the championship. That is a different way to do things from having a room full of homers. But still, it was CBS’s concept to begin with. Wonder if CBS could do something different, unique and innovative with bowl games. Well they only have 3 opportunities.

I digress, ESPN has two Megacasts for the semifinals. One is the Command Center. They split the screen in four. Two cameras on the field. And the other two are split watching each sideline.

The other is the Coaches Film Room. Four coaches this year. In the past, Brian Griese provided some direction. A change from his normal color commentary role usually done by Griese on Saturdays. He did a good job making sure there was not a lot of lag.

This time around, ESPN has a few former employees playing that role. They will be listed first in the table.

The normal broadcast crew for #3 Notre Dame vs. #2 Clemson is play-by-play Sean McDonough and color commentary Todd Blackledge. Here are the coaches line up for the game:
Coach {School} Circumstance
Mack Brown [lead] North Carolina Recently hired by UNC. Spent the last 5 years at ESPN. Will be in ACC against Clemson and ND.
Dave Clawson Wake Forest ACC and played both teams this season. 7-6, beat Memphis in the Birmingham Bowl.
Mike Norvell Memphis Runner up in AAC. 8-6, lost the Birmingham Bowl last week to his fellow commentator.
Paul Johnson Georgia Tech ACC and played Clemson. 7-6, recently retired after a Quick Lane bowl loss to Minnesota.

The normal broadcast crew for #4 Oklahoma vs. #1 Alabama is play-by-play Chris Fowler and color commentary Kirk Herbstreit. Here are the coaches line up for the game:
Coach {School} Circumstance
Herm Edwards [lead] ASU PAC 12. Spent 10 years at ESPN. Took the Arizona State job this year. 7-5 with loss in the Las Vegas Bowl.
Gary Patterson TCU Big 12. 7-6, beat the Cal Bears in the Cheez-It Bowl.
Bryan Harsin Boise State Mountain West. 10-3 but First Responder Bowl was cancelled in 1st quarter due to lighting.
Steve Addazio Boston College ACC. 7-5 but First Responder Bowl was cancelled in 1st quarter due to lighting.

One big upside, a lot less commercials. They talk through most of the TV timeouts. some commercials remain because the bills still need to get paid. Not nearly as many and with some more innovation, they could advertise a different way. Even when there is a commercial break, might only be 1 or 2 not 3 or more commercials.

ESPN needs to have something that delineates when the main screen is live and when it is replay. Plus, there are sometimes I wish the coaches wouldn’t click through so much. Que Sera, Sera.

For the National Championship, they will likely look for coaches who faced the teams. All the other bowl games will be done, so more will be available. I am sure availability was a factor in who is there today. Personally, I would like to see my alma mater’s coach Jeff Monken of Army-West Point breaking down the game. [ ] That is just me being a homer after my school went 11-2 with an Armed Forces Bowl win, third bowl win in a row.

Time to watch the games.

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