Ohio State won but that doesn’t mean Michigan is a bad team

My last post might give the impression I don’t respect Michigan’s accomplishments this season. That is not the case. I admit that Michigan is a good team in a top conference and elite division of that conference. I would and should have said that before the game, either way it is true. My point was and is, they just are not good enough to beat Ohio State this year.

This is not a “hot sports take”. No team has been able to beat Ohio State. Only one team has been within 20 points of the Buckeyes. That is Penn State, one of my favorite teams so yeah I am biased. But it is also a fact. The Buckeyes have just outpaced everyone this season.

There are few flaws with this Ohio State team. Even when they make mistakes; they have both poise and athletics to fight through it. This is rare to see in a college team. And it may make a big difference down the line.

Still make no mistake though; Michigan has a lot of talent. There are a few players that have a good shot at making NFL rosters. I have only seen them play 3 times this year however I can see the talent is there.

Hassan Haskins had a very good day running the ball. I don’t remember him being a big part of the offense when they played either of my teams in Army or Penn State. But he had a very productive day versus a top defense. He should have at least another season to show everyone how good he is.

The freshman Zach Charbonnet has been a featured running back all season. He got fewer looks against the Buckeyes but was impressive when he got the ball. He will have lots of time to make Michigan fans proud before making some cash in the NFL.

Sean McKeon snagged a few balls early as big target tight end. But QB Shea Patterson seemed to forget about him for long portions of the game. The senior is likely already on draft boards.

Donovan Peoples-Jones had a few good games at wide out. He looks like a complete wideout. Not only adept at catching, but also ready to lay down blocks for the entire offense. Along with Ronnie Bell, the receivers are solid.

Last mentionable was QB Shea Patterson. The senior transfer will get a look from some NFL squads. Maybe not drafted but I suspect he will be in a camp. Will he make a team? Not sure. But he is not to be overlooked. He has the skills to make a decent player.

The defense played well. They need a lot of help in the secondary. Their line was solid but J.K. Dobbins was more solid. No one really stood out for them. Still I have seen a lot worse this season.

The Wolverines will likely still be in the top 25. They got third in the Big Ten East behind 2 top 10 teams in Ohio State and Penn State. This was a respectable season.

Jim Harbaugh didn’t really have any recommendations for getting better in this video. Not sure I do either. I do believe Michigan should retain Harbaugh though. They have talented players. But they might need some new assistant coaches. But I can’t think of anyone who will work harder at succeeding. He has 9 wins or more in all five seasons and all had a bowl appearance. More successful than other place he has coached. All that is missing is a win over Ohio State, which I am sure will make him burn to win even more.

In the end; Michigan has had a decent season. They will be playing in a bowl, likely between Christmas and New Years. And then get ready for the 2020 campaign.

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