Saturday Night Live! with Host Eddie Murphy

I used to try and catch Saturday Night Live weekly. From ages 6 to 10; that meant trying to see what shenanigans Eddie Murphy, Joe Piscopo and the rest of the cast could get into. It provided at least one or two sketches a week that were worth mentioning at the “water cooler” during the week. Now that clips can be found on YouTube on Sunday; it is easier to access and not worrying about falling asleep. This week might be a must see once again.

Eddie Murphy is back to host on 21 December 2019. Eddie had to assume hosting duties a few times when he was a cast member. But after that for many years, Eddie Murphy stayed away from the show that made him a household name (along with movies like Trading Places and 48 Hours before the success of Beverly Hills Cop). Most believe he stayed away because of the joke in the following piece by David Spade. I could have sworn there was a joke about Vampires in Brooklyn too but I can’t find any proof of that one.

As the video alludes to, Murphy got over the joke. Made peace with David Spade (maybe Murphy will go on Comedy Central’s Lights Out soon?). And SNL as an entity as Lorne Michaels the current Dr. Evil, I mean producer, had been gone while Eddie Murphy was on the show. Made official during the 40th Anniversary show.

One set of phenomena that did not intersect was Eddie Murphy and Tom Hanks. Both are iconic for their numerous appearances on the series. Eddie’s cast run ended in 1984, the year before Tom Hanks had his first hosting gig. So these two giants never met on that stages of 30 Rockefeller Center.

Could it happen Saturday Night?

My dream sketch would be during Eddie’s iconic- Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood. The homage to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (in the hood) was one of the funniest sketches and had a big impression on me when I stayed up late as a youth to watch the show. (Thank goodness my parents let me ruin a good night’s sleep.)
With Tom Hanks’ most recent performance in the movie: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood; wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to let these two worlds collide? Two great actors working together to make magic. I think both actors pay a tribute to the one and only original Fred Rogers who not just entertained but educated so many children, including myself. Few men have had such a positive impact on this entire nation for such a prolonged time. These two actors can show so much by creating a great scene that could last for years to come.

Much better than a Bosom Buddies meets Norbit’s wife sketch.

Eddie has plenty of iconic sketches. Celebrity Hot Tub. Velvet Jones. BuckWheat. Tom Hanks’ last appearance had two of my favorites, the Halloween themed David S. Pumpkins and my personal favorite of the last five years: Doug on Black Jeopardy.

[Black Jeopardy Shout Out to Keeley (Sasheer Zamata), Shanice (Leslie Jones) and Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson)!]

I long to see these two Titans work together. I hope that it happens. Can SNL make it happen? Shall see?!? I will be among the adoring fans who will applaud their shared greatness!

I think if the powers that be can make this happen [Omega of Eddie Murphy performing with Tom Hanks!] it could be something special.

Plus: A Joe Piscopo sketch would be fun too, maybe some thing with rappers meeting? Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone in place of Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra? Maybe Chris Redd or someone playing Tekashi69 turning them in? For the mundane of practice of writing rap. Maybe Pete Davidson is Post Malone? Maybe a new guard vs. old guard rap thing? I am in a time crunch but the writers and performers have a week to get ready and they are professionals and they do a great job at it and they are funnier than me; I am sure they will come up with something.

Stay tuned for the not ready for prime time players; Live! in New York! its Saturday Night!

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