Football National Collegiate Semi-Final games broadcasting

I talked about the broadcast coverage prior to the national semi-final games. I was vocal and adamant about not liking the line up that ESPN is offering. But it seems that my bad attitude led to less enjoyable experience. Left with less attractive options; I settled on the Command Center coverage on ESPN2.

The Command Center had two views on the field covering the top ⅔ of the screen. Usually one is the skycam behind the offense the other a side view. The bottom ⅓ was itself split in thirds. Each coach had their own respective views and in the middle a stat rundown.

The commentary came from the same personnel doing the main broadcast on ESPN. What was a little confusing was if I was watching the wrong view has they started to describe a play. Was an unexpected wrinkle. I tried a bunch of views before settling on the Command Center. Spent most of the 2nd halves of both games on that channel.

I would rather just have a split screen of the field views. If I was in control, I would get rid of the coach cameras. The stat rundown could be in the middle bottom of the screen in some manner. I think that would make a more interesting view.

I tried to watch the Film Room on ESPNU. But both crews were slow with their analysis. Both Tom Luginbill and Louis Riddick for the Peach Bowl as well as Emmanuel Acho and Bobby Carpenter for the Fiesta Bowl. As the plays happen, they were mostly silent which was both odd and off-putting. It was hard to keep up because they weren’t really analyzing anything in real time. That was not a good way to watch the game.

The SEC Network had an LSU radio crew. They were good but obviously biased. I would rather listen to an ESPN crew. Same went with ACC Network’s Clemson radio crew. I am not knocking either one just not partial to them either.

But lucky for me, the coaches film room is back for the national championship. The coaches participating has been announced. They are Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy, Boston College’s Jeff Hafley, Vanderbilt’s Derek Mason and TCU’s Gary Patterson.

I am surprised to see that the Big 12 got 2 coaches. But I am also expecting a lot from Mike Gundy. One of the most colorful personalities in college sports as a while. This is based on a few factors. One, his mullet is one of the most unique haircuts in sports. And he has had one of the best defenses of a player I have seen from a coach in this video. I doubt we will see anything like that from Gundy on Monday but I am looking forward to his analysis being a part of the broadcast.

I don’t have much experience with the other 3 coaches. I hope there is plenty of intelligent cross talk. And they need to keep up with the pace of the game and not let it get too far ahead by overanalyzing in one place. There is usually plenty of time in between plays and coming back from commercials too. I hope they take notes. Go back to plays. It could be so much fun.

I also hope they have some banter before the game starts. Have the coaches talk about what they hope to see. Some players to look for as well. Could be very valuable to see into how and what they think prior to the game.

I am hoping for a good game. Both teams won convincingly in their semi-finals. This has become a match-up of undefeated teams. I think they both have a lot of balance on both offense and defense. They have had 16 days to get ready and healthy. I am looking forward to a hard fought game. Better than the BCS mess. Good luck to both teams.

I predict the Tigers will win.

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