Senior Bowl Stand Outs

On 25 January 2020 in Mobile, Alabama the Senior Bowl was played. I am certain plenty of the players on both rosters will be drafted in April. There will also be a few undrafted free agents that make a practice squad as well. Many guys on the field are going to be a part of professional football.

Seems like most of the top players opted to to play in this game. Most that are missing, like Heisman winner Joe Burrow, we will have to wait until the combine to see. The combine will be in Indianapolis again from 23 February to 2 March. This year, they are trying to up the cache by putting the drills in prime time. Not sure the appeal for the majority of football fans. Junkies like me will likely tune in periodically though.

In a quick aside, the Hula Bowl is back after a long absence. But for some reason, they are playing it tomorrow, a Sunday, starting at 5:30 Hawaiian which is 10:30 Eastern/ 9:30 Central. I understand playing an evening game but why not today, a Saturday, where you will have an audience. Most people probably don’t even know the game is being played at all since it has been on hiatus for over a decade. Plus it is being broadcast on the CBS Sports Network. I think CBSSN would get more viewers than the scheduled Pro Bull Riding. Bad marketing on that one.

Back to the Senior Bowl, it was an opportunity to see some players from small schools. Watch them play with and against other top players. Here is my list of guys who made a positive impression:

Kyle Dugger:__ Safety/Punt Return-__ Lenoir-Rhyne University/South
Bradlee Anae:__ Defensive End-__ Utah/North
Evan Weaver:__ Linebacker-__ Cal/North
Kindle Vildor:__ Corner Back-__ Georgia Southern/South
Tyler Bass:__ Kicker-__ Georgia Southern/North
Braden Mann:__ Punter-__ Texas A&M/North
Antonio Gandy-Golden:__ Wide Receiver-__ Liberty/North
Adam Trautman:__ Tight End-__ Dayton/North
Josh Kelley:__ Running Back-__ UCLA/North
JaMycal Hasty:_ Running Back-__ Baylor/South
Justin Hebert:__ Quarterback-__ Oregon/South

I am not going to back this up with stats. I just did an “eye test” as to who played well. Also, these were just the stand outs. The game was pretty good. Saw a good plays from both teams on both sides of the ball. But the North had too much firepower. Any surprise my list is dominated by North players?

Final Score: North 34 South 17

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