Hula Bowl Stand Outs

The Hula Bowl was on at a very inconvenient time. I didn’t have much time to evaluate everything that was happening. I didn’t really do so in the interim either. Still the following players deserve acknowledgement for their efforts.

Name Position School/Hula Bowl Team
Cameron Mayberry Running Back Colorado School of Mines/Kai
Juwan Washington Running Back San Diego State/Kai
Bailey Hale Kicker Louisiana Tech/Kai
Michael Dean Wide Receiver Idaho State/Aina (Shortest Player)
Broc Rutter Quarter Back North Central College(D3)/Aina
Reggie Walker Defensive End Kansas State/Kai

The Hula Bowl just got revived this year. The game was played inconveniently on a Sunday evening, when Saturday probably would have been a bit better. It had been away for quite a while. Hopefully it becomes a prominent source of postseason achievement. As a stepping stone to a professional career. Some smaller school standouts got to show their stuff this year. They played a solid game for former NFL coaches.

The other two post season games, I did not even know had occurred until they were over. They can be found on various video sites. Just look for the East-West Shrine Bowl, another old school bowl game that used to be played on Christmas day when I was a child. And the last is the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Teams are evaluating their needs. Not everyone they need will be from big schools in Power 5 conferences. Not even everyone they get will be drafted. Some will be free agent signings that will work hard in training camp. But all these guys have worked hard for the opportunity. I hope to see these guys suited up for some teams out there.

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