Who Will?

As this modern version of Hawaii 5-0 comes to a close, there is another reboot series that is centered in Hawaii. Magnum P.I. is a successor to the original, much like 5-0. The two series have even had at least four (2 for each series) full episode crossovers. As well as characters appearing in individual episodes. But I wonder, will any of the 5-0 characters continue to appear or join the cast of Magnum?

Kamekona and his shrimp truck will undoubtedly make appearances. He adds a lot in the way of intelligence. Plus he is very authentic Hawaiian culture that the show will need going forward.

The most obvious regular would be Katrina Law’s Sergeant Quinn Liu. This is because Magnum’s buddy Rick (played by Zachary Knighton) has romantic interest in her. She could be doing cases that mix into Magnum’s work. Be on dates with Rick. Be part of the group at the bar. It would be good to have another strong female character on the show.

Another strong link would be Ian Anthony Dale’s Adam Noshimuri. His links to the Yakuzi and other underworld groups would be useful from time to time. Makes him a valuable character to continue as well.

If you bring in either Beulah Koale’s Junior or Meaghan Rath’s Tani; you have to bring in both. Such a long and ongoing storyline as their relationship would need to continue. So they would have to come in together.

I think McGarrett and Dano are almost definitely out of the Hawaiian cop/P.I. show business. Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan will likely have other opportunities to harvest after their 10 year run. I assume they will not be regulars but don’t rule out a special guest star for a big event. Maybe a 2 to 3 episode arc?

Chi McBride, I am on the fence about. He could make appearances. But I would think he would get a permanent gig elsewhere.

Those are the main characters. I am sure some crossover will occur like Dennis Chun’s Sgt. Duke Lukela. But most of the other characters from the show will not likely be on Magnum. It will be fun to see who pops in.

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