MegaCasts work

I have written about my preference for MegaCast in football particularly during the college football championship. ESPN “borrowed” the concept from CBS who used it for the NCAA Basketball tournament’s final 3 games. If you look through this blog, I laid it out before. It is a different way for the fan to experience the game that can bring a new dimension to sports.

ESPN produced the best ratings for Monday Night Football in a while on 21 September’s game between the Las Vegas Raiders and New Orleans Saints:

I am Raiders fan so I was able to watch my team. Plus the team broke in the new stadium with a win. Very exciting.

With every entertainment company trying to create content for their broadcasts and streaming services; I would think these MegaCasts would increase. Tons of people are podcasting and have equipment they can use. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other networking services allow for the broadcasting teams to work remotely. It is an exciting time for innovating in how sports are presented.

The fan experience has to expand. Money in sports is increasing. The only to sustain that growth is if sports are not just accessible but fun. Giving “the people” what they want is necessary. Newer and fresher and plenty of options.

Fire up ESPN 8 “The Ocho”. Real sports are headed your way!

Who knew all this would come in a time where life was so isolated?

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