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Should Manziel be momentarily mad at March?

Johnny Manziel did not have a good March in 2019. Enough to drive someone to madness. Why do I say that, let’s look at the stats: Jobs Lost………………………………………………………………………………………….. 2 Montreal Alouettes Memphis Express during the game which lead to a … Continue reading

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My personal mystery about the show The Neighborhood

What does Dave do? Tonight was the 18th episode of the first season of CBS’s The Neighborhood. A situational comedy about a predominantly Black neighborhood where a White family moves as they assimilate to their new surroundings. The focus is … Continue reading

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Action Dream Girl

Is the Action Dream Girl a new movie trope? I am working on a post about it. Hopefully I will complete it in a few weeks. Little busy right now though. Coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Oscar Pick Results

I got 10 right out of 24 picks. Rounded down to 41%. Not that good. When I missed, I missed big. I used the old formula too much. Oh well. There will always be next year. Congratulations to all the … Continue reading

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Cede Your Time during The Oscars.

Quick thought on the upcoming 91st Academy Awards show. The awards nicknamed The Oscars. There is a minor issue that some have raised that should be addressed. Hopefully it will be properly during the ceremony. Some awards will be given … Continue reading

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Top takeaway from Super Bowl LIII

Both teams took away Tony Romo’s chances to pick the offensive plays. Jim Nantz’s “Hello Friends” was probably the only thing that could be called. Can’t talk about what isn’t happening. And offense simply did not happen. Since he can’t … Continue reading

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Coaches Film Room ESPN CFB Playoff Semifinal

I have expressed my preference for the ESPN Megacast during the College Football Playoff. I give all props to CBS who invented the concept during the NCAA Basketball Final Four coverage. I find it hard to believe that fans, true … Continue reading

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