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Empty Olympics

    Opening Ceremony no fans. No volunteers. Plenty of COVID.     3 cases amongst athletes, coaches and trainers. And th is was over 20 days before teams really started arriving. Now, cases are really surging.     Most of these athletes are professionals. The … Continue reading

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Euro 2020 (1?) Final- England vs Italy

Is it “Coming Home” or is it Going to Rome Good luck to Italy and England!

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2020 Olympics are already infected, again.

With opening ceremonies set for Friday, July 23, 2021, the first case of COVID-19 was determined positive on 22 June 2021. The 2020 Summer Olympic Games were postponed due to COVID-19. And only a month away, COVID-19 is better but … Continue reading

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Hiring at The View

The View should hire a qualified, conservative, Asian American to replace Meghan McCain #HireBridgetMcCain References    

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5th game and my perfect bracket is already busted! Guess I will just enjoy the games. I hope you do too!!

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Please do not wait………………………

Until next Thursday to figure out where TruTV is! The tournament starts next Thursday. Most people know where CBS, TNT and TBS are on their TV dial (Yep, I went Old School).  But unless you are a Impractical Jokers fan, … Continue reading

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Film Room is back on MegaCast for the College Football Championship

Most of the country has had to learn from some version of multiple location video conference system like Zoom or MS Teams or Google Meet or some other application. Somehow ESPN didn’t get the memo on that. As a result, … Continue reading

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You might

In a stadium of 80,000 people; if 106 of them have uniforms and helmets its called a football game. In an arena of 10,000 people; if 24 of them are in shorts and tank tops its called a basketball game. 

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College Football’s Missed Opportunity

The best thing about college football is the competition. Seeing schools that are “underdogs” beat the “blue bloods”. But that is narrowing to a small number of schools. In this very trying year; there were opportunities that have fallen short … Continue reading

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Two fouls not one

I acknowledge that Arden Key pulled on Ryan Fitzpatrick’s face mask. That is a foul. I am not arguing that.  But there is another foul also. The NFL Network crew of Joe Davis and Kurt Warner, despite multiple replays, never … Continue reading

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