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Color Scheme for Champions

Color Scheme San Antonio =Colors: Black, Silver, White=NBA Champs LA Kings =Colors: Black, Silver, White=NHL Champs Oakland Raiders=Colors: Black, Silver, White=?

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Xmas Day and no college football bowl games

I hope that the NCAA does not surrender to ABC/ESPN monopoly on bowls. Someone needs to get with Fox or CBS or someone to have a bowl game on Xmas Day. I don’t care if it is on YouTube or … Continue reading

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I am a lifelong Sixers fan

But the fact that Andre Iguodala was traded for a guy who played zero minutes for the Sixers was the dumbest thing they could have done. Why get rid of an Gold Medalist and All Star who can do stuff … Continue reading

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Not one second

The title signifies how long Andrew Bynum played this season for the Philadelphia 76ers. The three team summer trade with the Lakers and Nuggets was horrible. Doug Collins quit. Not because of this trade. But the Sixers lost a lot. … Continue reading

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Why do I like the TV show Happy Endings?

The repeated references to not liking LeBron James. Earlier in this third season. In reference to championships: Jane Kerkovich-Williams said something to the effect of, “The shortened season doesn’t count. LeBron still needs to win 6!” Then in the episode … Continue reading

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Anybody watching play in games tomorrow?

Nobody know what I am talking? Not a surprise. I meant the NCAA play in games to make it into the round of 64. These games are pointless. Nobody watches unless they are alumni. Four of These teams should just … Continue reading

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NBA Trade Grades

Lakers: A+ Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak is a genius and tenacious. Nuggets: B+ These guys are serious about winning and got a star to help that happen. They still need another star to win some more. Sixers: C- Losing consistency … Continue reading

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