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Something I heard sparked a question

I re-heard this saying the other day : “a rising tide lifts all boats” Quick Question: How about those of us who can’t afford the boat? What if the water isn’t even trickling down?

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TV Stand made on 20131201

I couldn’t find a pre-fabricated stand that was going to do what I needed. So I made my own. I went to Home Depot. I kind of knew what I wanted. But I was pretty fluid on what would do … Continue reading

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Topsy Turvy

So the country is about to go into sequestration. But the Dow Jones is almost at its highest point, EVER. How exactly does that work?

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Saturday is next because money Talks – NFL style

How does the NFL network figure into the TV package that NBC, CBS, FOX and ESPN paid to be a part of? One of my favorite things was watching the Thursday night game. Seems like there was always something big … Continue reading

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Economy, media and other rants

Is the economy any better? Or is college football the only entity actually making money? And why don’t news agencies report about money? It is what the people really want. and furthermore what people want to know about. So what … Continue reading

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What I like?

Big fan of movies: comedy, action, romantic comedies, mystery, horror Sports: Swimming, Track, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball probably more but not ‘extreme’ sports Reading Fiction, Politics, Learning about poker, Listening to Talk Radio and of course, Sex.

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