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Finally tried spinach and ……..

It was actually good. I never had/took the chance before to taste spinach. Now that I have, I likely will again. It is not an instant favorite. But it was tasty. Now if I could have only gotten Popeye-like forearms … Continue reading

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Late Night Hunger

I hate when I am hungry late at night. Seems to always happen when I stay up later on weekends. Then it is a struggle not to eat something. Anything. I try to only drink water. Maybe a beer too. … Continue reading

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Kentucky Fried Chicken, what’s up with that?

Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC, I have the worst luck with them. They are often times screwing up my order. They often don’t have what I want. I mean basic things. No Orignial recipe, only grilled. No biscuits.  When the … Continue reading

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What I like?

Big fan of movies: comedy, action, romantic comedies, mystery, horror Sports: Swimming, Track, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball probably more but not ‘extreme’ sports Reading Fiction, Politics, Learning about poker, Listening to Talk Radio and of course, Sex.

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