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Net Neutrality is a very important subject

Streamlined Process Go to- 2.  Hit- Express 3a. And type in- I support strong net neutrality and backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. [or cut and paste] 3b. Or- Preserve Net Neutrality and Title II 3c. I support strong … Continue reading

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Just realized

I am watching the new CW show “No Tomorrow”. Instead of watching the VP debates. Seriously. I did not mean it ironically. I think. Show is starting off slow. Not bad though.

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What is the News Media thinking these days?

When I opened the browser on my cell today; you know what came up? Daniel Craig has a cameo in the Force Awakens. Not only does this give a spoiler that I would much rather have seen when I, like … Continue reading

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Fox Sports $2 million blunder is not paying off

Colin Cowherd is not my favorite sports commentator, to say the absolute least on the subject. I was surprised by the click-bait title that he is 100% right. About anything. But I clicked on this : All I could … Continue reading

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Who Else Is Going Down?

The Hillary Clinton email-server scandal likely has to take down at least one other person. I am assuming that if there are any classified documents that have made their way on to the unclassified internet & that the message was … Continue reading

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What if it is not?

Yesterday 28 July 2015 debris from a Boeing 777 was found on Reunion Island in the west Indian Ocean. Since there is only one Boeing 777 unaccounted for in the world; it is assumed that it has to be from … Continue reading

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The Next Hack ?

Much was made of the hack of Sony Entertainment in November of 2014. It was a pretty big news story for about two to three weeks. Lots of coverage by the three old style media sources, the cable news, internet … Continue reading

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