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Hiring at The View

The View should hire a qualified, conservative, Asian American to replace Meghan McCain #HireBridgetMcCain References    

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You might

In a stadium of 80,000 people; if 106 of them have uniforms and helmets its called a football game. In an arena of 10,000 people; if 24 of them are in shorts and tank tops its called a basketball game. 

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Monday Night Football Crew

I have never watched Monday Night Football (MNF) because of the broadcast team. Never tuned out because of the MNF broadcast team either. I honestly could care less who is in the booth but it is interesting to watch ESPN … Continue reading

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When is it going to happen?

When is a certain former insider going to be hired to ask questions at the press briefings at the White House? Which network is going to do it? There is no use in some false sense of loyalty. This person … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality is a very important subject

Streamlined Process Go to- 2.  Hit- Express 3a. And type in- I support strong net neutrality and backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. [or cut and paste] 3b. Or- Preserve Net Neutrality and Title II 3c. I support strong … Continue reading

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Just realized

I am watching the new CW show “No Tomorrow”. Instead of watching the VP debates. Seriously. I did not mean it ironically. I think. Show is starting off slow. Not bad though.

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Biggest Nation-State Concern for the United States?

There has been a fair amount of bluster about the Iranian Nuclear deal. One of the points made is that Iran is the largest state sponsor of terror and they will get more power as a result of this deal. … Continue reading

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What Heritage?

I have heard the word heritage a lot lately. Mostly in light of the shooting in South Carolina. Specifically the term: It is heritage not hate. This term is conjoined with the Confederate battle flag. However, I am not sure … Continue reading

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Something I heard sparked a question

I re-heard this saying the other day : “a rising tide lifts all boats” Quick Question: How about those of us who can’t afford the boat? What if the water isn’t even trickling down?

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Total Conspiracy ~ Presidential Race 2016

I admit what I am about to say is a total conspiracy. It is speculation. I have no real reason to believe this will actually happen. I have no facts. This is weird guessing. I am making a conjecture. Do … Continue reading

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