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What they are concerned about as opposed to what they SHOULD be concerned about.

I understand why in Ferguson, Missouri is so worried about what will happen to the man who killed Michael Brown. The killing that occurred on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. It is because of what happened to Trayvon Martin’s … Continue reading

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Funny joke ?

Couple of guys were talking in the office today. Somehow the conversation came to how it is illegal to eat a Bald Eagle’s eggs. I in a smart-aleckly manner asked “So what do you think a Bald Eagle’s eggs taste … Continue reading

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I can’t believe that groundhog saw his shadow. I was really hoping for spring. BOOOOOO !!

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Thank You !!

I want to Thank all those who has subscribed to MY erratic posts. Bunch of Sports posts. Football, American is one interest. Football, rest of the world (or Soccer in America) is another. Then there are just random posts too. … Continue reading

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TV Stand made on 20131201

I couldn’t find a pre-fabricated stand that was going to do what I needed. So I made my own. I went to Home Depot. I kind of knew what I wanted. But I was pretty fluid on what would do … Continue reading

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US Soccer in tough group for World Cup 2014

Group G for the World Cup Championships next year in Brazil will be a tough group for anyone to come out of. The United States is going to have to work harder to get through this group. The Outlaws [United … Continue reading

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Lament the EPL is not enough for ME

Champions League has been widdled down to four teams. Two from Germany: Bayern Muechen and Borussia Dortmund and Two from Spain: Real Madrid and Barcelona. FA Cup has been narrowed down to Wigan Athletic and Manchester City [that is very … Continue reading

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American Football and Dumb ‘Merica

As the World nears 2014, there are a lot of bad decisions being made. Exactly what the frak are Baltimore, The Ravens, The NFL, the Orioles, MLB and many others thinking here? Baltimore has the chance [rare as it … Continue reading

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Mexico 0 – United States 0

Men’s National Team salvages 1 point in Azteca Stadium. I would like to see the USMNT get a win in Mexico City, Mexico. This has mostly to do with the the team not taking enough shots. Only one shot is … Continue reading

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Brrrr, that’s cool. United States 1 – Costa Rica 0

It is March 22nd. Time for spring, right? And the World Cup qualifiers are being played in CONCACAF. One was played in Honduras today. 105 degrees and super hot. As Honduras draws level with Mexico at 2-2. Another was played … Continue reading

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