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What is the News Media thinking these days?

When I opened the browser on my cell today; you know what came up? Daniel Craig has a cameo in the Force Awakens. Not only does this give a spoiler that I would much rather have seen when I, like … Continue reading

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Who Else Is Going Down?

The Hillary Clinton email-server scandal likely has to take down at least one other person. I am assuming that if there are any classified documents that have made their way on to the unclassified internet & that the message was … Continue reading

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What if it is not?

Yesterday 28 July 2015 debris from a Boeing 777 was found on Reunion Island in the west Indian Ocean. Since there is only one Boeing 777 unaccounted for in the world; it is assumed that it has to be from … Continue reading

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I am floored but should I be?

I was stunned when I saw this article today: . But maybe I am wrong. I will list my questions that I would have asked this goofball/guy [sorry, just slipped out]. See if you would agree. 1. Where does … Continue reading

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That is not what innuendo means

Bill Cosby has been trying to educate people, mostly children, for a long time. I can remember learning from his feature named Picture Pages when I was a child. And he has recently been vocal about the current state of … Continue reading

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Media would actually have to do their job or get better and they have a chance to RIGHT NOW.

There is a story about some law students who are suing Exam Soft software for not being able to submit their exam answers. This is not my point so if you are interested in that story refer here: or … Continue reading

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Economy, media and other rants

Is the economy any better? Or is college football the only entity actually making money? And why don’t news agencies report about money? It is what the people really want. and furthermore what people want to know about. So what … Continue reading

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Where is the Tea Party?

Where is the Tea Party? Wasn’t Michelle Bachmann the darling of that movement? Did she even make it out of the first state? Not even to the first primary. Just one caucus? That is all the Tea Party has? Really? … Continue reading

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Quick Clarification

My blog posts are admittedly the ramblings of a highly function mad man. I am not in any way clinically mad but my thoughts are way out there. These posts are merely opinions. Things I am thinking about. Things that … Continue reading

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An even better, why are they stories?

Casey Anthony. Why do I care about her video blog? Oh wait, I do not. Not at all. I will be honest; I wasn’t concerned with this story at any time. Even less so the talking heads like Nancy Grace … Continue reading

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