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Fox Sports $2 million blunder is not paying off

Colin Cowherd is not my favorite sports commentator, to say the absolute least on the subject. I was surprised by the click-bait title that he is 100% right. About anything. But I clicked on this : All I could … Continue reading

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Does anyone else see the irony?

Luke McCown has somehow become the spokesperson for Verizon. How? It is a mystery to me. He is not a starting quarterback. He plays a sport where a helmet hides his face. He has talent. Plus he has a good … Continue reading

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Scholarship is not a truly free ride

Did you know that you pay taxes on scholarships? I didn’t. But this family does: Now if this guy got a job while on scholarship, he would likely be in violation of some rule or another. Someone from NCAA … Continue reading

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Education Challenge

I believe in the power of the internet a lot more than the advanced algorithms of the various search engines on-line. Take your pick; Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile, even Google. Give me a human being. Intellect. Ability to reason. Agile thought. … Continue reading

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What Heritage?

I have heard the word heritage a lot lately. Mostly in light of the shooting in South Carolina. Specifically the term: It is heritage not hate. This term is conjoined with the Confederate battle flag. However, I am not sure … Continue reading

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Congrats to the Golden State Warriors

They played an amazing season, playoffs and Finals. Steve Kerr has a management championship. I feel he owes Mark Jackson a big Thanks too. But Steve Kerr had to get this team to a championship. He did a great job … Continue reading

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NOT MY favorites list : Sepp Blatter

I can’t believe that the FIFA head Sepp Blatter has decided to step down. That is AWESOME! Because Sepp Blatter is AWFUL!! In the worst way!! Why did it take so long to confirm Loretta Lynch? She is amazing! First … Continue reading

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