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I Hope Tagiolova Gets Better

Disclaimer: I never want anyone to get hurt playing sports. It sucks whenever anyone gets hurt. It is never my intent to see any player of any sport get hurt. : Disclaimer Nick Saban gave an interview going into halftime. … Continue reading

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Just realized

I am watching the new CW show “No Tomorrow”. Instead of watching the VP debates. Seriously. I did not mean it ironically. I think. Show is starting off slow. Not bad though.

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Game of Thrones Season 6 prediction

We know that the Tower of Joy fight scene is coming this season. I don’t think we will see an “in the Tower” “bed of blood” scene. I also doubt we will know what Lyanna made Ned promise. Might be … Continue reading

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What will week 6 hold?

Each time these past 5 weeks; the polls have let us all down. College football polls are not worth much at all. Polls are worth a little but not much. Each week we have seen a loss that we should … Continue reading

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The Curse Continues

The Madden Curse is real. I am sure you have heard about it if you are a sports fan. And this year is continues. 2015: Richard Sherman was on the cover of Madden NFL 15. Richard got hurt in the … Continue reading

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United States 2 – Ghana 1

Took only 32 seconds for Clint Dempsey to punch the Black Stars in the mouth. Fastest US goal ever in the World Cup. Fifth fastest ever in the tournament. It was a very quick and pretty move. Got things started. … Continue reading

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I am really bad at them.

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