Net Neutrality is a very important subject

Streamlined Process

  1. Go to-

2.  Hit- Express

3a. And type in- I support strong net neutrality and backed by Title II oversight of ISPs.
[or cut and paste]

3b. Or- Preserve Net Neutrality and Title II

3c. I support strong net neutrality and backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. As such, I want to preserve Net Neutrality and Title II oversight of ISPs. The government has a duty to protect citizens from corporations. I want the government to take its duty to me more seriously. Never give my rights away.

Otherwise you can use the entire process the FCC wants you to follow :

  1. Go to –    
  2. In the block Specify Proceeding (Optional) Enter 17-108
    1. Hit Search
  3. Restoring internet freedom should be the only result on there
  4. Hit Express
  5. Then type or cut paste one of the following phrases
    1. Preserve Net Neutrality and Title II.
    2. I support Net Neutrality and backed by Title II oversight of ISPs.
    3. I support strong net neutrality and backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. As such, I want to preserve Net Neutrality and Title II oversight of ISPs. The government has a duty to protect citizens from corporations. I want the government to take its duty to me more seriously. Never give my rights away.
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ShoutDown Observation of the TV Show Scorpion

On the 27 February 2017 episode of the TV Show Scorpion season 3 episode 18 titled Don’t Burst My Bubble; a girl named Ada Pearce in Lancaster, California has to be kept in a sterile environment due to a form of immune anemia. Her normal home configuration is threatened and the team needs to find a way to help her. The solution that the Scorpion Team devises is to put her into a restaurant’s meat locker. Which is basically a big refrigerator.
I am not sure if the writers did that intentionally. But if so; they may have found a way to turn the trope called Women In Refrigerators [ ] on its ear. The term referring specifically to Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern finding his girlfriend Alexandra DeWitt stuck in a refrigerator by a villain. The larger observation being that many superheroines, superhero girlfriends and women in comics in general are at least damsels in distress and at worst simply victims in waiting.
After watching the episode of Scorpion; I realized that this is very similar to Women In Refrigerators. But the twist being this young lady is saved by the refrigerator. Are comic book fans being trolled? I am not saying this hatefully. I am simply asking the question.
It has been a long time since I was an active comic book reader. I was during the 80s and 90s. Hopefully the tide has turned for female characters of all ilk since then. Or at least limiting the carnage to the deserving villains. Leaving lots of intriguing stories for the women in the story.
Hopefully mentioning doesn’t make me a Lot Less Super & Not So Fun Male Dude. Just a quick observation.

Enjoy !!

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The ShoutDown Movie Review of Get Out [No Spoilers]

On 22 February 2017; I got to see the new movie Get Out at a Victory screening at the Mainstreet Alamo Drafthouse. I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. These are my initial reactions and I am an amateur reviewer.
Get Out is the feature film directorial debut for Jordan Peele. He has written for the film Keanu before this. However Get Out is his first horror film, dipping his toes into his favorite genre.
Peele is known for his comedic work on MadTV and more notably on the sketch comedy show : Key and Peele. His experience leads directly to my comment that this film is a wonderful dark comedy but at its heart the film is truly a horror film. It makes a strong social commentary as well which is hard to do all in one. I think that Peele has done that with this movie.
Daniel Kaluuya is Chris Washington the main character. His sweet awkwardness keeps the movie rolling. He continues to second guess himself in the attempts to maintain harmony. He really reflects what the viewer should be feeling. His experience is raw and emotional and you are on the journey with Chris. I think his character takes you on a real adventure ride; a safari during a roller coaster ride.
Allison Williams as Rose Armitage delivers a praiseworthy performance. Her range is illuminated throughout. She sells it throughout and she is sweetly nefarious. How she draws you in makes it obvious why the movie’s theme works. Afterwards; everyone should be clear how Chris’s character is pulled in. You should really feel why this is possible with her skill. Which is evident in her acting talent.
Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford star as Rose’s parents Dean and Missy Armitage respectively. Solid performances by both. Distinguished by Catherine Keener provides a pivotal sequence that truly displays the sinister nature of the setting. Bradley’s Dad is just the kind of Dad every person is embarrassed by regardless of their circumstance. They make an intriguing pair of leaders for the Armitage clan.
The large emotional anchor comes in the form of Lil Rel Howery’s comic relief. Rodney Williams is the character you are supposed to laugh at. He brings that funny. Without dragging the film nor diverting it from the true purpose.
Caleb Landry Jones as brother Jeremy Armitage is menacing. Marcus Henderson and Betty Gabriel as Walter and Georgina are fantastic in their subversive behavior. Allying suspicions while maximizing the creep factor.
There could have been a lot of different sources of the foreboding presence in this film. The film is not really out-of-this-world. The story is so well crafted that it kept me on edge. I enjoy plenty of one hour police procedurals that are constantly trying to be the most twisty. This movie was a good twist but if you are busy trying to figure it out; you will miss a good movie.
I would be remiss in not mentioning that this film has a lot of different elements. Comedy-check. Horror-check. Action-check. Fantasy-check but just a little and in an appropriate amount. That part really threw me at first. But it was so well done; I can’t see it without it.
The rest of the supporting class is spot on. They really add a lot in a very specific way. Never overbearing but integral.
Something great about the movie making was it all happens without CGI or tons of sets. The main setting of the movie is the Armitage house. There were a few other sets [Airport pick-up, Apartment, Police office] and that is about it. I may have missed something but even still; it really does a lot with a little.
This movie is fun and thought provoking. I felt a real connection to it. Overall, I had a great viewing experience.

Rating 4.5 out of 5.

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Just realized

I am watching the new CW show “No Tomorrow”. Instead of watching the VP debates. Seriously. I did not mean it ironically. I think.

Show is starting off slow. Not bad though.

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Why I don’t Like Polls 2016 Week 1

It Begins Again! And the Polls continue to let the college football fan down. It is just the first weekend of college football. The polls are already a disaster.
I have a personal metric about the polls with respect to the college football rankings. No team in the Top 10 should lose to someone outside the top 11. No team in the Top 25 should lose to an unranked team. That seems fair to me. I feel those types of games should be predictable.
Some one could argue I have an unfair metric. But what are rankings for? To tell who is anticipated to be better. But if there is no predictability associated with the rank, why have them?
We don’t have ranking in the NFL. I think most people are confident that their scheduling system that the winner of the Super Bowl has played a sufficiently enough to be claimed champion. I do not think a majority of people would say the same about college football. Even with the change from a Bowl based post-season to the two game playoff. The system is still rife with problems.
I think the genesis of those problems are rankings. There is little reason to have them. They do not offer any help to the fans. They also actively hurt the playoff.
I am opposed to the notion of a committee in closed sessions ranking then choosing who will play in the playoff. One of the power 5 conference champs misses out. Actually at least one because I think soon the committee will pick two teams from the same conference.
Based on the bias in recent polls; I would predict the two teams will come from the SEC. For instance; 6 in the Associated Press (AP) top 25 in week 1 are in the SEC. I will get to why that is erroneous later.
A few games went how you would expect. Big blowouts. Alabama slammed USC who looked wholly unprepared for this first game. The Tide made some big plays that befuddled the Trojans. Alabama was the much better team and overmatched USC in every facet of the game. It was a lopsided mess. Not sure who USC is ranked 20th because they did not look good.
Ohio State, Michigan, Louisville, Baylor, Oklahoma State & Washington destroyed their competition. Won by more than 30 points. Those wins were impressive. Not sure if they are indicative of their potential for future success. Still they are off to a good start.
Same can not be said of some other teams.
I am going to start with one team that is does not fall within failure side my metric. I still believe it shows both the weakness of polls and the bias toward the SEC. Tennessee was able to beat Appalachian State. They had to come back in the second half after a dismissal performance in the first half. They were able to squeak by in overtime. Appalachian State did not keep up their enthusiasm in the second half or overtime. Plus they missed two field goals that would have won the game. Even in a winning effort by Tennessee; this is not the performance of the ninth ranked team against an unranked opponent. There was little evidence to justify their high ranking. So let’s see what happens to them this week in the polls.
This bias was confirmed by LSU who was ranked fifth losing to unranked Wisconsin. The score was close; 16 for the Badgers to the Tigers 14 points. But in watching the game; LSU was not doing well the entire first half. That was reflected in the score which was 13 to 0 at halftime. This was changed quickly by a pick 6 interception and a solid offensive drive by the Tigers. After those the Badgers were able to score a field goal and played solid defense that led multiple sacks and an interception of their own. That interception was followed by a cheap shot by Josh Boutte which Les Miles defended for some reason : . I can understand that he might not have seen him go down. I believe the whistle had already blown. And that hit was far from appropriate even if the play was still live. But I digress.
LSU has a bunch of talented players. Primary among the bunch is Leonard Fournette on offense and Tre’Davious White on defense. Same can be said for Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs who the leader amongst a talented bunch. That does not produce wins though. Tennessee squeaked by. LSU didn’t. I predict both these teams will be out of the hunt for the championship before November. So why are they ranked so high? I think it is SEC bias.
While I think the SEC is the main conference that is overvalued; they are not the only team gets a bump. I already mentioned USC getting thrashed. The Trojans are ranked 20th but did not play like it.
Another team that has been overvalued is Oklahoma. They were ranked number 3 coming to this season. They are going to make a solid run at the Big 12 Championship I believe. But they started off on the wrong foot. Losing to Houston. Houston is a ranked team at number 15. But I think they should be higher ranked after watching their performance.
The Sooners played a good game but The Cougars were better. Houston played a great game. Solid offense and defense play for four quarters. They made less mistakes. Solid opening weekend.
The Cougars are one of the best teams in a non Power 5 conference. They are building off a solid season last year. They won the American Athletic Conference championship. Beat Florida State in the Peach Bowl. But will they get consideration even if they do have a good season. All signs point to no. They were undervalued in opening polls. They likely will stay that way.
The most satisfying to me personally was tenth rank Notre Dame losing to Texas. I am sure plenty of people will try to excuse this lose. They will say that Texas is back. But if they were; why weren’t they ranked like they were?
Because so many people assumed that the Longhorns would lose to the tenth ranked Irish. Didn’t happen. Notre Dame got lucky on a few plays. And Texas was losey with stupid penalties. Yet they maximized the two quarterback switching. I think they should slow down on the hurry up constant offense. Their freshman center is making too many mental errors that almost cost them the game. In contrast, the freshman QB needs to be the starter with limited snaps for Swoopes.
In contrast; Notre Dame proved the adage that if you have 2 QBs, you don’t have 1. And 1 is all you can put on the field.The Irish were e ill-prepared for the season without a starting QB. They likely had one person in each of the other positions. Why college coaches think having 2 QBs is an an asset is beyond me. Having a start-ready and credible back up is fine. Having a short yardage direct snap [not WildCat which infers the threat of passing which most of these guys do not do AT ALL] is good.
Unfortunately they will likely get more “leeway” by the polls and ultimately the committee than any other team in the bowl series Division. If the committee gives bias to one conference; it is the SEC. If it gives bias to one school; that school is Notre Dame. That does not extend to the ACC which Notre Dame is pretty much a part of in football and totally a part of in every other sport they are involved in. For only the bad reason that Notre Dame “travels well”; first the BCS and now the committee gives The Irish deference. When realistically; one bowl or maybe a commission of bowls that are outside the playoff should pay the committee to keep Notre Dame out of the playoff. That might seem outlandish but possibly still the case. Is there anything that precludes this? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question.
I bet you don’t either.
The bigger bet; you “the college football fan” don’t care!
This is only week 1. The trials and fortunes of these 18-23 year olds [primarily but not exclusively] are unpredictable. So these things happen often. I think they happen every week of the regular season last year. Probably more often in the years prior because of the unreliable predicative analysis and less reliance on science.
If we had a system based on matching the best teams against each other; it would ensure fairness to all teams. Not be swayed by pollsters who could not possibly watch the entirety of the college football slate. This is demonstrated by the polls inaccuracy with the initial polls.
I am your College Football Commissioner. I have a plan to make this work.

[P.S. I apologize for my bad editing. I had to rush this to beat week 2 and I still missed out because Louisville stomped Syracuse last night.]

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Game of Thrones Season 6 season finale prediction

I think the wall is coming down.

I think the magic The Night King touching Bran Stark that let The Others/White Walkers and The Wights into the were-wood tree in the North will also help to bring the wall down so that The White Walkers can go south too.

So it will be ironic that a Bran “The Builder” Stark built the wall and a Bran “The Three Eyed Raven” Stark will tear it down.

Also maybe not the whole wall will come down.

I have no prior knowledge. No show notes. This is purely a hunch. Should know the full answer in two hours whether I am right or wrong. I had to put it out there.

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Game of Thrones Season 6 prediction

We know that the Tower of Joy fight scene is coming this season. I don’t think we will see an “in the Tower” “bed of blood” scene. I also doubt we will know what Lyanna made Ned promise. Might be a cliffhanger for next season. Let’s see what happens. All starts in an hour.

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