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What does the Alabama loss say about the South Eastern Conference (SEC)?

The rest of the SEC should be mad that Alabama is perennially ranked high. Why? Glad you asked. Thanks for that. Because the rest of the league looks weak. The rest of the league is always ranked behind Alabama. Mostly … Continue reading

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Scholarship is not a truly free ride

Did you know that you pay taxes on scholarships? I didn’t. But this family does: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/getting-shot-at-nfl-could-mean-taking-out-a-loan-064043953.html Now if this guy got a job while on scholarship, he would likely be in violation of some rule or another. Someone from NCAA … Continue reading

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Did you know?

1. That the play-in games are tonight? March Madness. One of the biggest sports tournaments in the country is technically starting tonight. But no one takes it seriously. Only a few of these teams has made past the actual first … Continue reading

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Saturday is next because money Talks – NFL style

How does the NFL network figure into the TV package that NBC, CBS, FOX and ESPN paid to be a part of? One of my favorite things was watching the Thursday night game. Seems like there was always something big … Continue reading

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Two things that aren’t happening:

In March Madness: No Number 1 seed has lost to a number 16 seed. And 2.  The Undertaker has never lost at Wrestlemania. It’s that simple folks

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March Madness

I used to enjoy basketball a lot more as a kid. Now, I still get swept up into the madness. Every March. I get into it. I have to. It is in my DNA. But I really only get swept … Continue reading

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What is a BCS title anyway?

If the NCAA could just wrestle college football from the BCS, it could start to get a system in place that would be enjoyable for the fans of college football. Stop producing lame or lackluster title games. UEFA Champions League … Continue reading

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