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Why I don’t like polls 6

What a doozy!?!? Now all things being equal and in the interest of full disclosure; I do not like Alabama. I never have. I never will. I root against them always. I will also say that Nick Saban is a … Continue reading

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Color Scheme for Champions

Color Scheme San Antonio =Colors: Black, Silver, White=NBA Champs LA Kings =Colors: Black, Silver, White=NHL Champs Oakland Raiders=Colors: Black, Silver, White=?

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Why do Raider Fans get such a bad reputation?

As the unofficial Raider Nation Ambassador, I feel I have to address certain issues that arise. One has gotten my attention here lately. I think Raiders fans get a bad reputation because of our love for the Black and Silver. … Continue reading

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Did I miss something?

On Monday Night Countdown I heard the panel talk about whether offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito will be back on the Miami Dolphins this year. They all said no. Riley Cooper the wide receiver for the Philadelphia … Continue reading

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Just Ask The Saints

We all hope for a speedy recovery by John Fox and Gary Kubiak. Their respective health ailments need to be taken seriously. Hopefully both are resolved quickly. Bad enough having players on injured list, even worse when the coaches are … Continue reading

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Football Girlfriend Rankings

Football Girlfriend Rankings – In Descending Order Now that the BCS [farce] rankings are coming out; I have become beholden to watching the rankings. I am enthralled in the games. But then some algorithm will ultimately make the choice. I … Continue reading

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The Ambassador’s Report

Speaking of which, this Raider Nation Ambassador was excited to see the progression of Terrell Pryor. I know it is preseason game. But he is showing more progression then one time starter turned journeyman Vince Young [who needs to learn … Continue reading

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Real Football Today !! 5 February 2012

If anyone saw the Red Devils rally from 3 nil to tie Chelsea today at 3-3; then you saw some real football today. Now that was a football game! I know it is a match not a game. But either … Continue reading

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