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Who Else Is Going Down?

The Hillary Clinton email-server scandal likely has to take down at least one other person. I am assuming that if there are any classified documents that have made their way on to the unclassified internet & that the message was … Continue reading

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Total Conspiracy ~ Presidential Race 2016

I admit what I am about to say is a total conspiracy. It is speculation. I have no real reason to believe this will actually happen. I have no facts. This is weird guessing. I am making a conjecture. Do … Continue reading

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Is the Tea Party Dead?

Will there be real revolution in this country when it comes to politics? Does anyone know Jill Stein was the Green Party Presidental Candidate? Do you know that Gary Johnson was the Libertarian Presidental Candidate? When will we get some … Continue reading

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Where is the Tea Party?

Where is the Tea Party? Wasn’t Michelle Bachmann the darling of that movement? Did she even make it out of the first state? Not even to the first primary. Just one caucus? That is all the Tea Party has? Really? … Continue reading

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